Inside Out Book Tag

inside out

Here are my answers to the Inside Out Book Tag and I tag anyone who is reading this!

  • A book that brings you joy

Lola and Cricket are one of my favorite couples and whenever I’m looking for a book to make me happy, I reread this one!

  • A book that makes you angry

I’m still mad about this.

  • A book that makes you sad

These books make me equally sad. The Giving Tree makes me sad because it shows how we use and destroy those who love us unconditionally and don’t realize how much they mean to us until there’s no time left. I almost cry every time I read this book. Even though I don’t almost cry every time I read The Lorax, it makes me sad to see how our selfishness can destroy something beautiful.

  • A book that disgusts you

I actually love this book, but reading about the horrors of war and how they affect innocent people disgusts me. It is difficult to stomach that humans could actually treat other people like garbage.

  • A book that brings you fear

I’ve never actually read this book, but I just watched the movie on Lifetime, and it freaked me out that someone could come up with a story like this. This was also the only book cover I could find that didn’t creep me out.




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