#ThrowbackThursday: All I Want for Christmas Is You

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Where I review a children’s book

Even though it has been a few weeks since Christmas, a lot of Christmas merchandise (including books!) is still on sale. I’ve seen Christmas books at Michael’s and BAM! Books for up to 50% off! One book to look out for on your next shopping trip should be All I Want for Christmas for You, a new children’s book by Mariah Carey.

All I Want For Christmas is You (written by Mariah Carey, illustrated by Colleen Madden) takes the lyrics from Mariah Carey’s hit Christmas song and adds a cute story that will appeal to both boys and girls. The story revolves around a young girl who resembles Mariah Carey who wishes to get a dog for Christmas.

If you’re listening to the song and reading this book a lot around Christmas time, it will be easy for children to pick up the words and read along. The illustrations are adorable and you can pick up new details every time you read it, such as the little Mariah making a dog out of snow and pine cones when everyone else is making a snowman. This is a book that suits multiple readings without getting bored. Another plus is that every illustration features a diverse cast.

If you love this song, Mariah Carey, or are looking for a cute Christmas book for your children, All I Want for Christmas is You is the perfect book and deserves five out of five stars.

What other songs would make good picture books?


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