#TeenTuesday: Allegiant Review


Even though I pre-ordered a copy of this book, it’s taken me a long time to get around to reading it. My sister learned about the major spoiler in the book and even though I had my guesses, I still didn’t know how it ended until I actually read it. I rated this book four stars (get it?) on Goodreads because the book kept me hooked enough to read it through one sitting, but I’m not sure if I actually liked the book or if I just wanted to find out if my guesses were correct.

One aspect that I enjoyed in this book was learning more about minor characters and their motivations. In the previous books, I felt like a lot of minor characters were thrown at me and I wasn’t sure how to sort them in my head. Even though I haven’t read Insurgent in a long time, after reading several pages, I was able to understand the characters.

I also loved how Tris and Four fought. I think their arguments revealed who they were as people and I enjoyed that their arguments centered around what was important. It made them and their relationship seem very authentic.

There were also quite a few things that I didn’t like. One problem that I had with book was the villain character, David. I didn’t feel like you got to know him enough throughout the book and until the major plot point, you didn’t really have a reason to hate him except for his relationship to characters from the previous books. I wish there was more development of his character and didn’t really care for how his story line ended.

I also really didn’t care for the explanation of their world and I didn’t feel like they were as obsessed with it as all of the characters kept telling me. Maybe I was expecting more, but the whole idea of experiments and resetting didn’t wow me and there seemed to be too many plot holes to make the whole idea believable.

Another problem that I had with book, as well as several other books in this genre, are the unnecessary deaths. I know that it is war and no one is safe, but in these types of novels, it seems an overwhelming amount of characters are killed meaninglessly just to make the reader shocked. In this book specifically, I think it happens to much and sometimes doesn’t reflect how the character typically would respond in the situation.

My reaction after reading this book? I was angry. Very angry. And I still don’t understand why it ended the way it did, so I keep going back and forth on whether I liked it or not.  To me, the series never ends on a happy note. On one hand, I like this because it’s different than other books in the genre. On the other hand, I don’t like endings that make me the think everything leading up to the end was pointless, which this book did.  

Even though I’m not entirely sure on my feelings of this book, I give it four out of five stars for keeping me interested and making me think.


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