#TeenTuesday: Kissing Snowflakes Review


Better late than never!

My review for this book might be as cold as the air in Vermont.

Kissing Snowflakes by Abby Sher follows Samantha, whose father remarries and asks her and her brother to accompany him and his new wife on their honeymoon in Vermont. Obviously, Samantha is less-than-thrilled to get to know her new stepmom, but sees the trip as an opportunity to get over her ex-boyfriend and meet cute boys. Samantha quickly meets Drew, a hot and almost Olympian ski instructor, and is swept of her feet figuratively and literally (she falls down a lot in the snow).

For me, Samantha was very frustrating main character. I get that she’s a teenager and she’s going to fight with her stepmother, not notice a player, and make bad decisions. I don’t have a problem with that at all because many other teenagers would make the same decisions as Samantha. That aside, Samantha wasn’t very likable (bad decisions aside) to me which made the story hard to read.

I understand not taking the warning about Drew the first time and trying to make things work, most people would do the same. But it seemed even after Samantha knew the truth about Drew, she continued to go back and make a relationship with him. I cringed the most after Samantha referred to him as her boyfriend even though she knew he never wanted and never was even in a relationship with her.

I also disliked Samantha’s relationship with her friend. I understand that Samantha was upset, but freezing out her friend didn’t seem justified at all. I also didn’t like how this part of the story never truly was resolved and how Samantha only seems to want to make up after she gets a boy for herself.

Another pet peeve of mine is when main characters try to make themselves look better by denouncing someone else’s interests. Samantha talked down about girls who choose salad over “real food” or for wearing girly and pink snowsuits. She makes comments like, “I know we would be friends because she got a meatball sub” or doubts people because they haven’t read Catcher in the Rye. I get that people make petty comments, but after awhile, it gets old. Many young adult books try to make main characters seem different and cool because they reject what the “average girl” likes and opt for reading classics and wearing quirky things like turtles hats (even though the “average girl” could like those as well). If the main character likes classics and turtle hat’s then that’s fine, but it shouldn’t be at someone else’s expense.

Samantha wasn’t the only character that bugged me in this book. I get Drew was a player, but even so, using “doll face” and other terms seemed so unrealistic and made me roll my eyes. All of the other female characters along with her brother and father were very flat and stereotypical. Even Eric didn’t have much depth and follows the “perfect YA boy” pattern.

The one part of this book that I did enjoy was Samantha’s relationship with her stepmom. I like to see the progression of their relationship and I think this is one of the few instances where Samantha learns from her mistakes.

When I picked this book up, I wanted a light read for the winter. I think this book fulfills its purpose, but my problems with many of the characters made me struggle to finish this book. Even though it is less than three hundred pages, it took me awhile to finish. I give this book two out of five stars.


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