Top Ten Tuesday: Freebie Week (Childhood Characters that I Wanted to be)

top ten

Better late than never!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. This week was Freebie Week, so I decided to list the top ten characters that I wanted to be when I was a child.

1. Nancy Drew from the Nancy Drew series by Carolyn Keene

I loved Nancy Drew books in elementary school and wished I could solve mysteries like Nancy Drew! I remember checking out the Moonstone Castle Mystery several times.

2. Stacey from The Babysitter’s Club series by Ann M. Martin

Stacey was one of my favorites from the Babysitter’s Club because she was from New York and glamorous. I remember always wanting to read/rereading the stories about her!

3. Junie B. Jones from the Junie B. Jones series by Barbara Park

Junie B. Jones is one of my favorite characters from my childhood because my grandma would always read me books in this series and act out the characters with different voices.

4. Lulu from Pony Pals by Jeanne Betancourt

I loved the Pony Pals so much, I started a Pony Pals club in elementary school. I probably wanted to be LuLu because Snow White was my favorite horse.

5. Madeline from Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans

Madeline was the first movie I saw in theaters and I still love the book to this day. My Madeline doll was one of my favorites when I was younger.

6.  Claudia from the Babysitter’s Club series by Ann M. Martin

Claudia was another one of my favorites from the Babysitter’s Club because she had an awesome fashion sense and did so many creative art projects.

7. Jack and Annie from the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne

Who didn’t want to travel with Jack and Annie to different times and places?

8. Judy Moody from the Judy Moody series by Megan McDonald

I loved Judy Moody books and remember always picking up a new one at the book fair!

9. Katie Kazoo from the Katie Kazoo Switcheroo series by Nancy Krulik

I loved Katie Kazoo because it was fun seeing who she would switch into next and she got to go on so many adventures.

10. Baby Bop from Where are my Shoes? by Mary Ann Dudko and Margie Larsen

Apparently, I loved this book as a child and would even ask my parents to make up more stories about Baby Bop. I was Barney for Halloween once, but Baby Bop was definitely my favorite.

What character did you want to be as a child?


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Freebie Week (Childhood Characters that I Wanted to be)

  1. Ah, I loooved The Babysitters’ Club! I actually don’t remember any of the characters specifically, but I always thought they had lots of fun. I think I used to imagine myself as a witch more than anything though, because Harry Potter kind of dominated when I was a kid. 🙂


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