Ten Things that I Love About Books (as told by Dance Moms)

abbey lee miller

Day 1 of Blogentine’s Day.

Abbey Lee Miller is one of the harshest personalities on television, which makes her dramatic personality perfect for describing my love of books! Here are ten things that I love about books, as described by the cast of Dance Moms:

1. When you read a book and it has complex symbolism that you don’t understand

But then you get it and feel like the smartest person in the world


2. When you find a kick-butt female main character

3. When you find out your favorite book is becoming a movie

And it does the book justice

4. When you’re waiting for the second book in your favorite series

And it lives up to all of your expectations

5.) When the a character reminds you of a person you didn’t like in high school and the main character tells them off

6.) When you find someone who is reading your favorite book for the first time

7.) When a twist comes that you weren’t expecting

8.) When you are your friend disagree on a love triangle

And the main character ends up with who you wanted

9.) The feeling you get carrying a large stack of books out of the library


10.) Finding a book that changes your life and that you’ll love forever

What Dance Moms quote reminds you of your favorite book?


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