Top Ten Tuesday: Historical Settings that I Love

top ten

Day 2 of Blogentine’s Day.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week the topic is your top ten historical and futuristic settings. I couldn’t think of ten choices, but here are my top six historical settings:

1. New Orleans

New Orleans is so beautiful and rich in history and culture. Since New Orleans is in the South, many stories sets here involve dark family secrets, music, and good food.

2. World War II

World War II isn’t a specific place, but books that take place in this time are some of the most well-written and moving books that I’ve read.

3. Oregon Trail

I loved playing the game Oregon Trail in elementary school and even made a covered wagon out of blankets when playing with my sister. I remember reading the Dear America book about the Oregon Trail a few times, so this definitely has to be one of my top picks.

4. The Great Depression

Even though the Great Depression is sad, it’s interesting to see how people made ends meet at this difficult time. Kit was my favorite American Girl, so I loved seeing the creativity her family used to stay afloat.

5. England

I love Emma and Jane Eyre, so of course England would be one of my choices!

6. 1920’s

Because a little party never killed nobody.


What’s your favorite historical setting?


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