#TeenTuesday: Spring Fling Review

spring fling

Spring Fling by Sabrina James follows several high school students as they venture down to Miami for Spring Break. While Danielle thinks she’ll be spending her Spring Break studying for the SATs, her friends have a different idea. They give Danielle a makeover and help her ditch her shy-girl image. Meanwhile, Cooper and Ethan decide to switch places and place a bet where Cooper has to win a girl without his money and Ethan uses Cooper’s money. The story also follows Mindy Yee, the school’s resident gossip, who tries to find her place with the most popular girls in school.

Spring Break is the third book by Sabrina James that follows students from North Ridge High. It isn’t necessary to read the first two books (I have read Secret Santa, but haven’t read Be Mine), but it is fun to see cameos from the minor characters or see how they grow (Mindy is a minor character in Secret Santa). Like the other two books, Spring Fling is an easy and fun read, which would be perfect to read if you were laying by the pool during Spring Break. As a side note, there is also another book about students from North Ridge High that follows this called Party Girl.

Since Spring Fling is supposed to be a more fun and light-hearted read, most of the characters are like cardboard cutout characters from a romantic comedy. Even though many of the plots in this books echo plots from many teen movies, it suits the book’s purpose. Most of the characters in this book are likable, especially Mindy, who changes a lot from her character in Secret Santa.

Even though most of the characters in this story are likable, I found myself rooting more for characters other than the main character, Danielle. I liked her story line, but wasn’t as interesting to me as the others. I also felt like some of the other couples have more “cute” moments. However, this could be due ti the small love triangle in Danielle’s story, and I’m usually not a fan of love triangles.

I give this book 3/5 stars.


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