Final Countdown Friday: Robin Palmer Books

geek charming

Robin Palmer has written several fairy tale inspired books as well as the Lucy B. Parker series. Today, I’ll be counting down four of her fairy tale inspired books. I remember when I first saw these books in the stores, I was super excited. The covers were cute and I was super into fairy tale retellings. Once I finally read through these books, I definitely had mixed feelings on a few. Here is my countdown of Robin Palmer’s modern fairy tales from least favorite to favorite:

4.) Little Miss Red 

Little Miss Red

In Little Miss Red, Sophie is a “good girl” with a boyfriend everyone in her family loves, except her. Sophie wants to shed her good girl image and be more like her favorite romance novel character. When Sophie visits her grandmother, she finally meets a bad boy, but it doesn’t go as she planned. I’m sad to say that I could barely finish this book. I rarely rate books as one star, but I couldn’t give this book a higher rating. I didn’t like either of Sophie’s love interests, especially the bad boy.

3.) Cindy Ella

Cindy Ella

In Cindy Ella, Cindy writes an anti-prom article in her school paper and is ostracized by her classmates… except for a mysterious boy she’s instant messaging. Cindy Ella follows the formula of most modern Cinderella stories, which I why it’s only a three star read for me. It was cute and fun, but extremely predictable and not as original as some of Palmer’s other retellings.

2.) Wicked Jealous

Wicked Jealous

In Wicked Jealous, Simone is labeled as a “fat girl” until she starts losing weight at her Zumba class and gains the attention of her long-time crush Jason. When Simone’s father starts dating a wicked woman and whisks her off to Italy, Simone is forced to spend her summer living with her brother and his college roommates. Simone is one of my favorite Robin Palmer characters and I think Wicked Jealous is one of her most creative retellings! This was the perfect cute and quick read that I expected.

1.) Geek Charming

Geek Charming

Geek Charming is hands-down my favorite Robin Palmer book. In Geek Charming, Dylan Shoenfield is the most popular girl at Castle High. When an accident forces her to recruit the help of dorky Josh, she must star in documentary in return. The ending of this book is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE, but the rest of it is perfect! This is Robin Palmer’s best written retelling and I love how Dylan grows into such a likable character. Even though I hated the ending, I can always watch the Disney movie which changed it to the perfect ending.

Overall, Robin Palmer’s books are quick, cute, and fun reads. Even though there are some I definitely like better than others, these books a perfect if you want not-so-serious modern retellings.

What book is your favorite retelling?


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