Throwback Thursday: Judy Moody Declares Independence

judy moody 2

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of moodiness.

In honor of Labor Day in the United States coming up on Monday, I decided to review a patriotic-themed read. The sixth installment of Megan McDonald’s infamous Judy Moody series follows the Moody family travels to Boston for a family vacation. In Boston, Judy is inspired to declare her own rights to her own phone and an increased allowance. Judy quickly learns that independence doesn’t come without a price–more chores!

I’ve read quite a few Judy Moody books recently and they have been hit or miss. Judy Moody Declares Independence is definitely a hit and my favorite Judy Moody book so far. This book was a quick read that had many enjoyable aspects.

I think the best part of this book was the growth of the main character. Sometimes Judy Moody’s moods come across as very annoying and immature. While her moodiness is a major aspect of her personality, it sometimes difficult to sympathize with her actions when they are extremely mean and cruel. I really liked how in this book, Judy Moody took on a lot of responsibility and looked out for her brother Stink. In Judy Moody’s words, this was a double rare moment within this series.

I think this book also carried other great messages. In this book, Judy Moody’s teacher introduces her to Sybil Ludington who is known as the female Paul Revere. I loved how the book emphasized that Sybil’s actions were just as important and heroic as Paul Revere’s. I liked how it also addressed that more women should be included in history textbooks and celebrated throughout the country.

Like with Sybil Ludington, a lot of United States history is embedded throughout the book. This really brought out the teacher in me! I loved how the facts were incorporated in fun and creative ways like the characters portraits in the front of the book. I think children can learn some fun history from this book without feeling like they are reading from a textbook.

I actually read this book while I waited for the Fourth of July parade in my town. Reading this book really helped the time fly before the parade. If you’re taking children to a parade this Labor Day, I suggest bringing this book along to occupy them before the parade starts!

Since I loved the character growth, message, and history within this book, I rate Judy Moody Declares Independence as five out of five stars.


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