Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Reality Competition TV Shows

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme gives tribute to fall television by doing a television themed topic! Some of my favorite shows are reality competition shows because they hold unique challenges that force competitors to think creatively. Others, even if they aren’t “high quality” television, extremely fun with ridiculous drama! Here are my top ten picks accompanied by clips from the shows:

1.) Project Runway

Project Runway is by far one of my favorite reality competition shows! I think that the judging panel is one of the best among reality competition shows, even thought I haven’t agreed with them too often in the past few seasons. I think the challenges are unique and interesting, especially the unconventional challenges. I think some of my favorites would have to be the candy challenge, the “rain”way challenge, and the Rockettes challenge! The clip that I chose for this show are the best Michael Kors quotes over all of his seasons on the show. Michael Kors was my favorite judge on Project Runway for humorous and honest critiques.

2.) Shark Tank

I actually just started watching Shark Tank this summer and I’m completely hooked! Once again, I think the panel is extremely great and knowledgeable. One thing I really appreciate about the sharks is that they are brutally honest and contestants only walk away with a deal when they truly deserve it. Like with Project Runway, I love the creativity of the businesses! The clip I chose for this show is a compilation of Kevin O’Leary, the most brutal shark.

3.) Bachelor in Paradise

Like with Shark Tank, I never was into the Bachelor or any of the spin-offs until this summer. I started watching Jojo’s season of The Bachelorette, but was quickly bored by watching everyone go after the same person and easily predicting the season’s outcome. I started watching Bachelor in Paradise because I saw that some of the most ridiculous contestants from Jojo’s season would be on it. I’m definitely not disappointed! Bachelor in Paradise features many more relationships and I love how it doesn’t take itself seriously. Bachelor in Paradise knows it isn’t high quality television, but that’s what makes it so great! The clip I chose for this show is the title sequence for the current season.

4.) Cupcake Wars

I have watched Cupcake Wars for a few years now and I’m still in love with it! My favorite part is the first round when bakers create cupcakes of weird ingredients. I also enjoy seeing how the bakers decorate and display their cupcakes. I love themes and many of the events featured on Cupcake Wars are great inspiration. They even have a spin-off series which features celebrities as the bakers!

5.) America’s Next Top Model

I love America’s Next Top Model, even though the last few seasons weren’t that great (Nyle is definitely one of my favorites though!). I really love some of the earlier seasons because the photo shoots look amazing and it actually focused more on modelling than relationship drama within the house. From the seasons that I enjoyed, I would have to say that Allison Harvard and Laura Kirkpatrick were two of my favorites. America’s Top Model is currently being remodeled and I’m interested to see how an increased focus on social media and new host affects the show. For this clip, I chose the iconic moment where Tyra yelled at a contestant.

6.) Toddlers and Tiaras

This show was definitely a favorite of mine a few years ago. Even though the show became really repetitive, especially at the end of its first run, I couldn’t stop watching. The behavior of the parents and children combined with the crazy makeup, hair, and head bopping was so ridiculous that I had to watch every episode. This show just came back on television, however, the focus appears to be more on rivalry between the parents than the children. While this was successful for the next show on my list, I felt like it detracted from the idea of Toddlers and Tiaras–to focus on child beauty pageants. For this show, I chose a clip that featured one of the most notorious contestants from Toddlers and Tiaras, Mackenzie (it also stars her pacifier, Nini).

7.) Dance Moms

This isn’t a reality competition show, but it is a reality show that I couldn’t stop watching until the past two seasons. Dance Moms focuses on the moms versus the infamous Abbey Lee Miller, and unlike Toddlers and Tiaras, it worked until the past few seasons when new people are in and out of the studio before you become attached to them. You sympathized with the girls, sometimes with the moms, and wondered why anyone would go to this studio. I stopped watching this show less frequently in the past few seasons.

While Abbey’s behavior was always out of hand, I felt like it has really gone too far in the past few seasons. Just watching this show made me extremely stressed and anxious for the children being constantly manipulated by Abbey Lee Miller or parents to get revenge on her. I do, however, think the children are extremely talented and I really loved the dances that showcased the consequences of drunk driving and what happens in a hospital waiting room.

8.) Dancing With the Stars

I like Dancing With the Stars, but I really depends on the season. I love the different themes and sparkly costumes! I’ve liked it less recently because I feel like it focuses more on the production than the actual dancing. I also feel like the judging panel can be biased in their scoring and hand out high scores, especially at the end, when partners don’t really deserve it. I’ve liked so many routines across the years with Dancing with the Stars, but one of my favorites would have to be Kyle Massey’s free style. The song is fun, it really captures his personality, and I like how he made it so far without having any dancing experience.

9.) Flea Market Flip

When I was younger, I DREADED when my mom switched the station to HGTV. House Hunters seemed so boring when there were channels like Disney and Nickelodeon. I must be growing up because this past summer, I watched HGTV non-stop. If you’ve seen any of my thrift store book hauls, you know I love finding great stuff for a deal! I like this show because it is interesting to see how the competitors take one person’s trash and make it into a fabulous new piece.

10.) What Would You Do?

This isn’t a reality competition show, but I still really love it. What Would You Do takes controversial issues and video tapes how people react. Seeing how many people turn a blind eye to a child being kidnapped, a man drugging a woman’s drink, or someone being harassed for a disability is very sad. You do, however, can’t help but feel overjoyed and motivated to do the same when someone stands up for what it right. I also like how the show replays each scenario with different variables. The clip that I chose for this show is long, but definitely worth watching!


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Reality Competition TV Shows

  1. Oh, man. Dance Moms. I don’t know what it is about that show. There’s lots of stuff that disgusts me about it, particularly how the moms talk about other people’s children and hurt their feelings. But I can’t stop watching!

    Also really love America’s Next Top Model.

    My TTT List


  2. I still miss Design Star terribly. That’s the one where people competed on HGTV to see who was the best designer.

    Face Off is another favorite and definitely gets my shoutout. That’s the one where contestants do makeup and special effects. I love seeing the results!

    Finally, the kid version of Top Chef. The children are always so cute and sweet to each other. It’s such a breath of fresh air to see contestants helpful to each other instead of viciously competitive.

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