Marissa Meyer Contest Update

marissa meyer

Recently, I entered Marissa Meyer’s latest content to design a crazy, Mad-Hatter inspired hat. To see how I created my hat, you can check out my first post about the contest. Even though I wasn’t one of the top three winners, I loved check out everyone’s crazy hat designs. Hats off, to Vanessa, Olivia, and Raegyn for your fabulous designs.

While I didn’t win one of the top three prizes, I was surprised to see an email from Marissa Meyer in my inbox one day. I figured that it would just be a thank you sent to all the people who entered her contest. Much to my surprise, it was an email telling me that I received an honorable mention for my design!

It was cool to see that one of my favorite authors really liked my design. What’s even cooler is that Marissa Meyer liked so many of the designs, that anyone who received an honorable mention will receive a swag bag in the mail.

Like any college student, I was really excited to get a notification that I had a package waiting for me in the mail room. I freaked out even more when I saw Marissa Meyer’s name on it!

Marissa Meyer sent me a ton of cute swag, most of it relating to one of my favorite series, the Lunar Chronicles! Here are some pictures of the swag thag I received:

For the complete list of winners and honorable mentions, check out Marissa Meyer’s blog post.

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