My Halloween Costumes

Tomorrow might be Halloween, but I started dressing up early this weekend at my college. Unlike many other colleges, Halloween is not that big of a deal. I made the most of my weekend, however, by dressing up in a costume at a campus-wide event and the cornmaze with my sorority.

On Friday night, I didn’t plan on attending the dance held at my college, but was dragged by some of my friends. I had to think of a quicky and easy costume to throw on at the last minute. I decided on a frat boy costume. Luckily, my sister is super preppy so I could borrow a lot of her clothes (you can check out her fashion blog, The Queen Bre, here!).

For my frat boy costume, I paired a white button down with pastel blue shorts. i completed the look with a Vineyard Vines hat, boat shoes, and gray socks.

For the corn maze, my sister and I decided to do matching costumes. After scrolling through Pinterest for HOURS, we decided to be aliens! I was really happy that it was around 70 degrees the day we went to the corn maze because I didn’t even need a jacket!

For our look, we decided to wear galaxy print leggings and black sweaters. Luckily, the day we went to the corn maze it was warm outside! We finished our looks with black combat boots, space buns, and sliver glitter hair spray.

Since this was my last Halloween as a student, I was really sad! Luckily, I really loved all of my costumes.

What will you be for Halloween this year?


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