Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons that I’m Thankful for the Blogging Community


Top Ten Tuesday is weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is Thanksgiving freebie week. After a year of blogging, I think I can finally think of reasons why I love the blogging community so much! Here are eight reasons while I’m thankful for the book blogging community:

1.) It helped me get out of my college reading slump. 

I remember taking a stack of fun books to read my first semester freshman year, but then hauling them back by the end of the semester. I was swamped with school work and didn’t really pick up a “fun” book to read until Christmas break my junior year. I had a few book videos recommended to me on Youtube and they inspired me to read for fun again!

2.) It helped me become aware of books that I missed during my reading slump.

After taking such a long break from reading, I didn’t really know what books were out on the market. By looking at book blogs and watching videos on Youtube, I had a starting point for books to add to my TBR list.

3.) It helped me discover new favorite books.

There were many books that I didn’t pick up because they weren’t in my favorite genre or someone close to me didn’t recommend them. Through the book blogging community, I heard another opinion on some of those books. As a result, I have a bunch of new favorite books that I might have never read otherwise. For example, I LOVE the Lunar Chronicles, but never planned on reading them after someone I knew told me how much they didn’t like them.

4.) It motivated to me find books for my future classroom library.

After seeing so many book hauls and going to the thrift store with my grandma, I got a great idea–I could thrift large amounts of books for my future classroom without spending tons of money! My thrift store book hauls are some of my favorite posts on my blog.

5.) It motivated me to read the books that I found for my classroom library. 

Since I had several boxes of books, I realized that I had plenty of material for book reviews! Also, I really want to read all of my books before putting them on my shelf. It’s a win-win situation because I can record my thoughts on a book so I know what books to recommend to my future students!

6.) It gave me another activity where I can bond with my family. 

All through the summer, I traveled to different thrift stores and library book sales with my sister and grandma. I definitely made some great memories with them over the summer!

7.) It helped me understand the book publishing process better. 

Learning about ARCs, book festivals, and more about specific authors, I’ve seen how much works goes into getting a book published and then marketing it!

8.) It helped me find people who love reading as much as I do! 

I love seeing other people’s reviews to see what they liked/didn’t like about a specific book. In your everyday life, you can’t always easily find someone who has read the same book as you. Online, I can find TONS of opinions on any book that I’ve read. I love finding other people with opinions on books that I’ve read, even if we don’t completely agree!

Why are you thankful for the blogging community?







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