The Distance Between Us Review


The distance between my rating for this book and five stars is very small.

The Distance Between Us focuses on Caymen Meyers, a sarcastic teenager who frequently works at her mother’s doll shop. One day, the rich Xander Spence waltzes into the store. Despite her mother’s warnings, Caymen befriends Xander and finds herself falling for him.

The Distance Between Us is the first book that I read by Kasie West and I was not disappointed! This book was a cute, fluffy, quick read that I couldn’t put down. Although many of the characters seemed standard YA, Kasie West pulled me in with her easy and fun writing style.

While I’m usually not a fan of love triangles, I think Caymen’s two love interests in the book really supported the book’s theme. Caymen found herself caught between a rocker that her mom quickly approved of for his alternative style and Xander who represented all of her mother’s warnings. While Caymen clearly preferred Xander, I liked seeing how her relationships with her family and friends impacted her decisions.

My one complaint would be the end of the story. While Caymen struggled through her problems during the beginning of the story, all of her problems were solved too easily at the end with a quick plot twist tossed in at the end. Caymen easily accepted huge changes to her life so the book could end on an upbeat and positive note.

Overall, The Distance Between Us is a cute and quick YA read. While the story is similar to other YA books, I enjoyed this book more. I give The Distance Between Us four out of five stars.



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