September Surprises Review


I’m not surprised that I enjoyed September Surprises by Ann M. Martin.

September Surprises in the sixth book in the Main Street series. Even though there may be minor spoilers if you read the books out of order, it is not absolutely necessary to read them in order. In September Surprises, Camden Falls experiences a lot of new changes as another school year begins. Flora, Nikki, and Olivia move up to the middle school where Olivia faces a bully. Meanwhile, Ruby helps her class raise money to support a school faced with a disaster and distresses over her grandmother’s possible love interest.

I remember that I picked up the Main Street series when the book came out (I was only eleven years old!). There were aspects of the first two books in the series, which I read when I was younger, that I liked and did not like. After reading the sixth book in the series, I think many of my pros and cons are the same.

I think the relationships and realistic situations in this book are extremely well done. I think many children and adults can relate to Olivia’s situation. The author accurately depicts on anyone would feel when faced with a similar situation. While I wish Olivia’s situation was resolved more in this book, I suspect it will also play a role in later book of the series. I also really appreciated seeing Ruby’s relationship grow with Min. The author depicts a very healthy relationship between the girls and their guardian.

My feelings towards the writing style are mixed. Martin’s writing is very descriptive and the scenes that pan in and out of the town give a good description of the time. However, the writing sometimes makes me bored and makes the plot move extremely slow. I actually started this book last year, stopped halfway, and it didn’t pick it up again until January. While this book is written beautifully, it may bore younger readers who want more action.

Overall, I really like the Main Street series and enjoyed September Surprises. Since I only had minor problems with this book, I rate September Surprises as four out of five stars.


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  1. […] September Surprises by Ann M. Martin takes place in both the season AND month that I was born in! Even though this isn’t my favorite book of all time, I think it’s a cute middle grade book with realistic and complex characters. I remember enjoying these books when I was younger, so it makes me think about myself (and all of my birthdays) throughout the years. […]


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