Snowed In Review

snowed in

There may have been a lot of inches of snow on the ground in this book, but unfortunately, I am not giving it that many stars.

Snowed In by Rachel Hawthorne follows Ashleigh Sneuax (pronounced “Snow”) who moves with her mom from Texas to an island of Michigan in the winter. Due to her parent’s divorce, Ashleigh keeps one rule: no boyfriends. Ashleigh’s mind changes when she meets Josh, a cute boy on the island. There’s only one problem… he’s dating her new best friend.

Before on my blog, I ranked my favorite books from an imprint of Harper Teen (you can see that post here). Most of my top rated books are by Rachel Hawthorne, so I was extremely excited to read another one of her books. Snowed In, however, failed to meet my expectations. If I ranked Snowed In on my list, it most likely would be near the bottom.

First, I’ll start with the positives. I really enjoyed reading about the setting of this book. It definitely takes place in a unique area and Hawthorne did a great job of creating the atmosphere of the book. I loved seeing so many small town traditions and other features of the town which were unique to the area.

Now, for the negatives. I think my largest issue with this book is how it justifies cheating in a relationship. Ashleigh is heartbroken when she discovers her father is remarrying because she feels like he is “cheating” on her and her mother. However, it is played off as fine when Ashleigh and Josh kiss behind Nathalie’s back. Ashleigh and Josh’s actions are justified because Nathalie only refers to Josh as “my boyfriend,” their relationship only started by checking off yes on a paper in middle school, and Nathalie immediately gets another boyfriend after the break-up with a boy who has always been in love with her. I really did not like this aspect of the book and it put a damper of Ashleigh and Josh’s relationship for me.

Overall, Snowed In a quick and easy read that is perfect when you want to read something light and fluffy. That being said, I didn’t particularly care for the relationship in this book so it wasn’t as fun for me to read as I expected. I give Snowed In two out of five stars.


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