Icing on the Lake Book Review

icing on the lake

A winter romance with cute hockey players? Sounds like icing on the… lake!

Icing on the Lake by Catherine Clark follows Kirsten who spending a month with her recently divorced sister as she rebuilds her life. Kirsten quickly meets a group of hockey boys and instantly sets her sights on Sean, the star player, as a potential date to her friends’ Groundhog’s Day weekend trip. However, Sean’s frustrating brother, Conor keeps getting in the way.

On my blog, I ranked my favorite books from a specific imprint of Harper Teen (see my blog post here). If I added Icing on the Lake to the list, it would fall somewhere in the middle. While Icing on the Lake was cute and fun, it didn’t have the same spark as some of the others books by Catherine Clark that I have read.

One of my favorite parts of this book was Kirsten’s relationship with her sister. Since the books in this imprint are known to be fluffy and fun, most just focus on the book’s romantic relationships. Kirsten and her sister had their misunderstandings and squabbles, but I loved seeing how much they supported each other at the end of the novel.

My biggest complaint about Icing on the Lake would be the relationship takes too long to develop. For most of the book, Kirsten has her eyes on Sean. By the time she figures out she likes Conor more, it’s pretty much the end of the book. While Kirsten and Conor do have their moments, they spend the majority of the book disliking each other. When they finally get together, it seems like the book abruptly ends. While their relationship wasn’t terrible, I wish I could have seen more cute moments between Kirsten and Conor.

Overall, Icing on the Lake is a cute read that is perfect for winter. However, it needed something a little extra to stand out from the crowd. I give Icing on the Lake three out of five stars.



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