Library Book Sale Haul 2017 #1: Picture Books, Part One

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Last year, I did a four part series on a major haul that I accumulated from my library’s annual book sale (see parts one, two, three, and four). This year, I went a little crazy and bought 223 books for around $65! Since I bought so many books this year, I decided to split up the books into different categories. This year, my library book sale will have nine parts and each part will be posted on Sunday.

While 223 books may seem excessive and $65 may seem excessive to spend on secondhand books, most of these books are not necessarily for me. At the library book sale, I try to find a variety of books from picture books, early chapter books, and middle grade books to supply my future classroom and reach a variety of readers. At the end of the series, I’m going to review my library sale and experience and calculate how much I saved. Last year, I purchased a retail value of $630.00 and saved 98%. It’s nice to know when I finally have my own classroom that I will have so many books for my students to choose from without spending enormous amounts of money out of pocket.

Today, I will be sharing half of the picture books that I purchased from the sale. At my library, there are a few different days of the sale. On the first day, each book is a set amount. On the second and third days, you pay $5 for as many books you can fit into a plastic bag. On the first day, I usually select books that I’ve been wanting to buy or that I am afraid won’t be around for the $5 bag day. On the $5 bag day, I pick up any book that I was hesitant about or seems like a good addition for my future classroom. I probably stuffed the majority of my picture books into one bag for the $5 bag day! Here are half of the picture books that I found at the sale:

  • This Is My Family by Gina and Mercer Mayer
  • Jingle Bells by Kathleen N. Daly
  • The Poky Little Puppy by Jannette Sebring Lowrey
  • The Night Before Christmas by Clement Moore
  • Paddington Bear by Michael Bond and Fred Banbery

Padding Bear seems so cute and I’m regretting not buying the Paddington plush from Kohl’s last year. This will be a great addition to my collection!

  • There is a Bird on Your Head! by Mo Willems
  • My Friend is Sad by Mo Willems
  • I Love My New Toy! by Mo Willems

I’m a huge fan of Mo Willems Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. I’m happy that I could find a few more books by Mo Willems to add to my collection!

  • In the Days of Dinosaurs by Roy Chapman Andrews
  • The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett

I’ve accumulated a lot of Jan Brett books from past book sales, so I’m glad to find one that I don’t already have in my collection. I love the illustrations in Jan Brett’s books and they are great books to use in lessons.

  • Duck for President by Doreen Cronin
  • Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann
  • Aqualicious by Victoria Kann

I’ve been looking everywhere for Pinkalicious! This is a book that I read numerous times when I worked in my college’s preschool and I love it! I’m glad that I could also find a copy of Aqualicious in perfect condition.

  • The Elf on the Shelf by Carol V. Aeborsold and Chanda A. Bell

I’ve always been slightly creeped out by Elf on a Shelf, but I know a lot of teachers utilize it in their classrooms. Now that I have my own copy, it’s a possibility for me too!

  • If You Take a Mouse to School by Laura Numeroff
  • Fancy Nancy’s Fancy Words by Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser

I LOVE Fancy Nancy, and even though I’ve never been able to find the original book, I’m glad that I found this one! Nancy has such a big personality and I love the illustrations in her books.

  • The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams
  • Alexander, Who’s Not (Do you hear me? I mean it!) Going to Move by Judith Viorst
  • The Stinky Cheese and Other Fairly Stupid Tales by Jon Scieska and Lane Smith
  • The Night Before Easter by Natasha Wing
  • The Night Before Halloween by Natasha Wing

I’m pretty sure I own the majority of The Night Before books by Natasha Wing. I love adding fun holiday books to my collection!

  • My Book of Birds by Tibor Gergely
  • Watch Your Step, Mr. Rabbit! by Richard Scarry
  • I’m so Embarrassed! by Robert Munsch
  • Franklin Goes to School by Paulette Bourgeois
  • Max’s Easter Surprise
  • Max and Ruby: Happy Halloween!
  • Pig Kahuna by Jennifer Sattler
  • Pig Kahuna Pirates! by Jennifer Sattler

I’ve never heard of Pig Kahuna before, but the pig on the cover was so cute, I had to pick these books up!

  • The Luckiest St. Patrick’s Day Ever! by Teddy slater
  • A Visit to Kenya by Mary Packard
  • A Visit to France by Kirsten Hall
  • Pinocchio by Carlo Collidi
  • Me With You by Kristy Dempsey and Christopher Denise
  • This School Year will be the Best! by Kay Winters

This seems like such a cute book for the first week of school. I can’t wait to use this book in my own classroom!


What book deals have you scored recently?


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