The Hate U Give Review

the hate u give

I’m not giving any hate to The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.

The Hate U Give centers on Starr Carter, an African American girl who feels like she lives in two worlds. During the day, Starr attends a rich, upper class, predominantly white school. At the end of the day, she returns to her home in Garden Heights, a poor and predominantly African American community. When a fight between two rival gangs breaks out at a party, Starr leaves with her childhood best friend, Khalil. On the way home, Starr and Khalil are pulled over by a police officer. Despite following the officer’s orders, Khalil is shot and killed. Now, it’s up to Starr to set the story straight.

The Hate U Give is a relevant and interesting book that gives perspective into a current social issue without losing its story line. This story will resonate with readers who find themselves in similar situations daily and open the eyes of readers who never experienced the situations in this book themselves. Overall, The Hate U Give is an authentic and realistic book that was released at just the right time.

One of the strongest aspects of The Hate U Give is the multifaceted view of the issue. While The Hate U Give clearly gives a strong statement against racial discrimination, it also provides multiple perspectives on the issue from characters of various backgrounds, including an African American police officer, an Asian classmate, and white classmates. Even if you don’t necessarily agree with a character’s point of view, I like how the book shows all the shades of grey that exist in an issue that on the surface seems so black and white.

Another aspect that I really enjoyed in this book was the authenticity. In this book, there characters were so realistic and relatable that they leaped off the page. I could imagine any one of these characters in real life which connects readers even more to the story. Additionally, the setting of the book was incredibly well done. The author did a great job of contrasting Starr’s “two lives” and and made it easy to picture the two different communities in my head.

I also appreciated all of the relationships between the characters. There were so many complexities in the relationships between all of the characters that the author conveyed well. As a result, the story was very character driven and any decision a character made greatly impacted the story line. Since community plays such a large role in this book, it was nice to see this idea reflected in the characters.

When I think of The Hate U Give, I think of a story that defines a generation. There are few books that you think about even after finish reading them, but I think this book will definitely stay with readers after reading it. For its well-rounded perspective, well-developed characters, and intricate relationships, I give The Hate U Give four out of five stars.


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