The Truth About Forever Book Review

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You want the truth? I think that I’ll love this book for ever.

The Truth About Forever follows Macy West after her father dies and her boyfriend leaves from Brain Camp for the summer. To maintain her perfect appearance, Macy takes over her boyfriend’s job at the library despite his rude coworkers and spends her night studying for the SATs to please her mother. When Macy meets the crew of Wish Catering and an extraordinary boy named Wes, her summer starts to look up.

I’ve read all of Sarah Dessen’s books and The Truth About Forever is in my top three. I remember in high school my sister recommended this book to me and I’m glad that I listened to her! The Truth About Forever is one of my all-time favorite books and I recommend to anyone, even people who aren’t typically fans of contemporary. Like all of Sarah Dessen’s books, The Truth About Forever hits you right in the heart with its underlying universal themes.

I think one of the main reasons The Truth About Forever stands as one of the most beloved Sarah Dessen novels is the characters. Every character in this book is realistic and complex. Macy is a likable character whose struggle to be perfect will be relatable to many readers. Furthermore, Macy’s relationships with her family and other characters are accurate to every day life. Additionally, the supporting character in this novel all stand out, no matter how little they appear in the book. Kristy’s bold and dramatic personality stands out as one of Sarah Dessen’s most well-developed and favored best friends. Monica’s one-liners and Bert’s quirky personality also provide quality comic relief throughout the novel.

Another one of the reasons this book stands out is the romance. Both Macy and Wes are flawed characters which makes their relationship all the more perfect when they get together. Like Kristy says, Wes definitely has a sa-woon factor and stands out from other ordinary guys in young adult literature. One quality about Sarah Dessen’s love interests that I appreciate is that their caring, funny, and kind without being cookie-cutter or too perfect. Wes is the perfect example: he’s exactly the kind of guy Macy needs, but not in an obvious way.

Sarah Dessen’s books will always hold a special place in my heart, but The Truth About Forever is one of her books that stands out from the rest. The Truth About Forver contains everything that I want from a contemporary book: relatable characters, realistic relationships, and a deeper underlying message. I give The Truth About Forever five out of five stars.



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