Girl vs. Boy Band: The Right Track Review

girl vs boy band

Just like your favorite pop song, this book is up beat and fun, but not extremely unique.

Girl vs. Boy Band: The Right Track by Harmony Jones follows middle schooler Lark, who moved to Los Angeles from Nashville after her parents divorced and her mother started a new record label. With only one successful artists on the label, Lark’s mother looks across the pond for some fresh voices. She discovers Abbey Road, a British boy band comprised of three unruly teenagers and invites them to stay at Lark’s house as their career begins. Even though most teenage girls would dream of Lark’s situation, Lark finds herself living in a nightmare after the group steals one of her songs.

When I started Girl vs. Boy Band, I was impressed with the easy and quick writing style paired with a promising plot. While I enjoyed many aspects of this book, I was disappointed with the direction it followed. When I saw the book’s title and description, I expected a little more drama, especially concerning the stolen song. While this book started off strong, it slowly turned into a more predictable contemporary book.

I think my largest problem with this book would be its title in description. While Lark and the boys don’t get along, I expected a little more drama with a title “Girl vs. Boyband.” Additionally, the description of this book really capitalizes on the stolen song, however the majority of this book didn’t revolve around this conflict. When this part of the plot arose in the book, I was disappointed that this entire part of the plot unfolded and was neatly resolved in literally a few pages. Instead, the majority of the story focused on Lark’s stage fright. Even though this part of the story line will be more relatable to the audience, this is a plot line frequently used in middle grade novels and this book didn’t provide an original take.

One aspect of Girl vs. Boyband that I enjoyed was the depth added some of the characters. While some characters, such as Lark’s best friend, school crush, and the “bad boy” of the group clung to certain stereotypes, there were several stand out characters within this book. One of the boy band members, Max isn’t that musically talented and struggles with being away from his family. However, Max is also very approachable and a great dancer. I think Max was the most developed character out of the boy band, so I liked him the most out of the group. I think Lark’s mother was also well characterized. Lark’s mother struggles between her country roots and maintaining her new pop appearance. I liked how there were good and bad moments between Lark and her mother because it made the story more realistic.

Overall, Girl vs. Boyband is a cute book and I liked reading it. However, I’m not sure if I’ll be interested in the story that the book is going read, so my investment in this series will depend on the summary of the next book. I give Girl vs. Boyband three out of five stars.


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