Geek Girl Review

geek girl

The average reading speed is 200 words per minute which means it will probably take you about two and half minutes to finish this review.

Geek Girl by Holly Smale follows Harriet Manners, a geeky fifteen-year-old who could probably rattle off the fact above without checking Google. When a school field trip goes awry, Harriet is discovered by a modelling agent. Harriet seizes the opportunity to transform herself from a geek to a high fashion model, but faces many roadblocks along the way. From stealing her best friend’s dream, battling mean girls, and blushing from a cute male model, Harriet’s transformation won’t be as easy as cutting her hair or changing her clothes.

I’ve heard rave reviews about this series, so I was excited when I found a copy of the first book in my local library. While the first book didn’t necessarily meet my expectations, I know that I would have adored this book when I was a younger reader just jumping into young adult fiction. Even though it wasn’t exactly what I expected, Geek Girl is still a fun and delightful book to read.

As for the main character, Harriet, I have mixed feelings. I think the author did a job characterizing Harriet through her unique voice. Harriet’s inner monologue is filled with interesting facts and snarky dialogue. Additionally, it read very smoothly and made the book a quick and easy read. However, there were some minor annoyances that I had with the main character. Harriet hated how the main girl treated her for being a geek, but she acted similarly towards the other geeky character in novel. Additionally, Harriet was extremely over dramatic. This is understandable due to her age, but sometimes it annoyed me as an older reader. I feel like I would have liked Harriet a little bit more if I read this book when I first started reading young adult books.

As for the other characters in the novel, most are either standard YA or pretty stereotypical. There’s a cute boy without much substance in the first series, an obsessed geeky stalker, a mean girl, and the golden best friend. Despite being very one dimensional, I found Harriet’s geeky stalker, Toby, the most entertaining. Even though it was a bit over-the-top, I found myself laughing at many of his interaction with Harriet. I think my least favorite supporting characters would be Wilbur. I see where the author where the author was trying to go with his characters, but it was just TOO MUCH. I found myself skipping over a lot of his dialogue because I couldn’t stand all the pet names he created for Harriet.

While I thought Geek Girl was a cute and easy read, I can’t help but think I would have enjoyed this book if I read it when I was younger or first starting to reading contemporary young adult books.


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