Lucky in Love Book Review

lucky in love

Luckily, there are other Kasie West books for me to love.

In Lucky in Love by Kasie West, high school senior Maddie decides to buy a lottery ticket on her eighteenth birthday. Much to her surprise, she wins. It seems like all of Maddie’s problems vanished overnight, that is, until people start treating her differently. The only person unaware of Maddie’s newfound wealth is Seth, her cute friend from the zoo. Soon, Maddie finds herself juggling people asking her for money, popularity at school, and reporters looking for the worst in her.

This year, I managed to read all of Kasie West’s contemporary novels. One of the main reasons I devoured Kasie West’s books are that they are fun, lighthearted, and remind me of some of my favorite high school movies. I went into Lucky in Love with high expectations. I actually bought this book when it was released from the store which I only do if it’s from an author I really love. While I do enjoy Kasie West’s books, there have been some hits and misses for me. I would say if I ranked Kasie West’s books, Lucky in Love would fall around the middle for me.

Lucky in Love is actually the first physical copy of a Kasie West book that I own since I downloaded the rest of her contemporary books on my Kindle (Yay for Daily Deals!). Usually, I can finish a Kasie West book in one sitting because I’m extremely invested in the fast-paced story line. However, this was not the case with Lucky in Love. I think it’s party because I was reading her books in a new format (I like seeing where I am percentage-wise while reading) and the somewhat repetitive and predictable plot of this book. While Kasie West’s books are generally predictable, this one felt a little more so than the others. Additionally, certain plots, such as her best friend questioning the “mean girl” (without reason), didn’t really add anything to the story and were boring to read about so many times especially when it didn’t really amount to anything in the end.

As for the main character, Maddie, she was okay but definitely not my favorite heroine by this author. Maddie was extremely naive–she signed contracts without reading them, continuously lent her brother money despite evidence that told her to stop, etc.–to the point where it sometimes annoyed me. While high school students are naive, this seemed out of character for Maddie, who readers are constantly told is one of the smartest girls in school who will be accepted to a prestigious university. That aside, Maddie is still a likable character who grows for the better throughout the novel, despite winning a large sum of money.

Compared to some of the other relationships in Kasie West’s book, I think this one definitely had one of the most well-developed love interests. Seth is an all-around nice guy who shows concern and respect for Maddie. I really wished more guys like Seth appeared in books! The author also did a great job of developing Seth’s characters. Readers get to see his passion for filmmaking, his struggles to make his dream come true, and the discrimination he faces as an Asian person is a predominantly white area. While not particularly remarkable, Maddie and Seth’s relationship was cute and enjoyable to read about.

Overall, Lucky in Love is a cute contemporary book that’s perfect for anyone looking for a light-hearted read. Although it wasn’t my favorite book by Kasie West, I still enjoyed it overall. I give Lucky in Love three out of five stars.


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