Windfall Book Review


I could list a million reasons why I loved this book.

In Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith, Alice buys a lottery ticket as an eighteenth birthday present for her friend (and longtime crush), Teddy. Somehow, Teddy wins the lottery and his misfortune after his father left completely changes. However, Alice notices that Teddy changes too, and not for the better. Even though Alice is happy for Teddy, she can’t help but wonder if their relationship will ever be the same again.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about Jennifer E. Smith’s books, so I didn’t really know what to expect when I started reading Windfall. Fortunately, I really enjoyed Windfall (and the author’s short story in Summer Days and Summer Nights shortly after) and can’t wait to read more books by Jennifer E. Smith!

One of the main reasons that I really loved Windfall was its message. This book really showcases the negative effects of winning the lottery and emphasizes some of the most important parts of our lives: our irreplaceable family and friends. I especially enjoyed one of the final chapters in this book where the author looked out to the other winners (and losers) from the lottery to see how they fared based on their choices.

Smith also does a great job of characterizing the two main characters, Alice and Teddy. While Alice loves to volunteer and wants to make a different in the world, Teddy wants to be popular and well-liked by those around him. However, both characters face a lot of challenges throughout the novel that confront their beliefs and change based on their experiences. As a result, both Alice and Teddy learn a lot from each other and grow tremendously as characters.

When I picked up Windfall, I hoped to enjoy it but didn’t think I would fly through it in one sitting. I recommend this book for anyone looking for a book that features well-developed characters and a positive message. I give Windfall five out of five stars.




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