Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Goals/Resolutions

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s theme is bookish goals/resolutions. For the most part, I’m not a New Year’s Resolutions person. I may might make a few goals in my head, but I don’t write them or down or stress about finishing them. That being said, I do have a few bookish related goal floating around my head. Here are my top five:

  • Read 50 books.

Last year, I read over 100 books, but I know I may not have as much time to read this year. As a result, I set my reading goal at 50 books. This is the only goal that I actually keep track of using Goodreads. Since I’m already ahead of schedule, I do think I’ll be able to complete this resolution!

  • Comment on more book blogs.

With so little extra time during the week, I find it difficult to find the time to read, let alone leave thoughtful comments on other blogs. However, I want to respond more to other people’s posts to start making more friends in the bookish community. I’m thinking that I can possibly set some time aside on the weekends when my schedule is more open to complete this resolution.

  • Post more on Bookstagram.

I definitely dropped off my Instagram after last summer. I also didn’t really like how my pictures looked together and had no idea how to edit pictures or create a theme. Even though I’m still learning by reading tips through Youtube videos and blog posts, I want my Bookstagram to be another creative outlet where I can talk about books. I’ve already started working on a theme for February and I can’t wait to post it! You call find me on Instagram at beautyandthebeanboots.

  • Review every book that I read.

Last year, I kept this goal in the back of my mind… and actually succeeded! The only books that I did not review where books that I reread and already reviewed. Hopefully, I can stick to this resolution in 2018.

  • Read more books released this year.

Every year, I see so many new releases, but usually only buy from authors with books that I always love. Otherwise, I typically wait until a book pops up in my local library. This year, however, I want to purchase more books released in 2018 that I’m interested in reading whether in physical or e-book form. There are so many books that I read in 2017 that I loved, but don’t actually own!


What bookish goals/resolutions do you have?


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Goals/Resolutions

  1. I also want to comment more on other book blogs because interacting with fellow book lovers is why I love being part of the blogosphere. I also want to be more consistent about my bookstagrams, and also to incorporate them on WordPress.

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