Be Mine Review


I don’t want this book to be mine this Valentine’s Day.

Be Mine by Sabrina James follows students vying for their school’s title of Most Romantic Couple. Even though Jennifer never had a steady boyfriend, she wants to win the title to best her enemy, the pretty and popular Claudia. Meanwhile, Natalie is sick of her boyfriend putting her down and calling the shots. Additionally, Eden is left heartbroken when her boyfriend dumps her for another girl… but she may just find love in the most unexpected person.

Secret Santa, another book by Sabrina James set in the high school around Christmas time, was one of my favorite books in high school as evidenced by its well-worn spine. I read another book in this companion series, Spring Fling, and while wasn’t as dynamic as Secret Santa it was still a fun read that acknowledged characters previously mentioned in her other books. Unfortunately, I was not as impressed with Be Mine.

One of my biggest disappointments with Be Mine would be the character. The characters in this story didn’t come across as unique because many of their personalities and backstories echoed the characters in Secret Santa. However, they weren’t as interesting or likeable as the originals. In fact, I noticed several lines that even seemed copied and pasted from Secret Santa. Since I felt like I read all of these stories before, they didn’t seem as interesting the second time around.

I also found many inconsistencies and repetitiveness in the character’s actions which made it difficult to connect with the characters or made me roll my eyes at them. Like other books by Sabrina James, this book does use classic stereotypes. Since this is a light contemporary, I wouldn’t have a problem with this if it weren’t so over-the-top. Jennifer always claimed she was better than succumbing to the mean girl’s level, but all of her actions throughout the novel suggested otherwise. Claudia, the popular mean girl, was so cruel that even her friends didn’t like her and there was never really any strong reasons why they even remained friends for so long. Her rants and jabs at other students got really old really quick.

Overall, Be Mine lacked the qualities that made me love other books by Sabrina James. While I appreciated reading about characters mentioned in other books by this author, this book itself didn’t stand on its own for me. I give it two out of five stars.


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