I’ve Got Your Number Review


My text to this book would be ILYSM.

I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella follows Poppy Wyatt, a recently engaged woman who loses her engagement ring and her cell phone in the same day. Luckily, Poppy discovers a phone in the trash can that she can use until the hotel calls her about her ring. Poppy’s perfect plan turns south, however, after she finds out the phone belongs to wealthy businessman Sam Roxton who isn’t so happy that a stranger is able to read all his emails and messages.

While I enjoy the fluffy and fun qualities present in Sophie Kinsella’s books, the characters and plot are often repetitive which makes the story interesting in the beginning but boring by the end. Even though I’ve Got Your Number does fall into some of those traps, I think it still manages to provide a unique and interesting story. As a result, I consider this my favorite Sophie Kinsella book!

I think one of the strongest components of this book is the relationship between Poppy and Wyatt. One of my biggest problems with two of Kinsella’s books that I recently read, My (Not So) Perfect Life and Can You Keep a Secret?, were that the male love interests fell flat for me because they weren’t explored in depth. Since Poppy accesses all of Sam’s messages, readers learn a lot about him as a character which makes it easy to invest in him as a character. I also appreciated that Poppy and Sam formed a really good friendship before any romantic connection. Poppy is engaged throughout much of this story, but Sam never makes a move until he knows she is available. Additionally, Poppy and Wyatt both make mistakes in their relationship, however, I think all of their reactions are appropriate and they don’t create any unnecessary drama like other couples in Sophie Kinsella books.

Another great aspect of this book is that both the first and second half of this book remain strong. In other books by Sophie Kinsella, I love the set-up of the novel, but end up disappointed by the ridiculous ending. Even though the ending of this book is reminiscent of several other books by this author for the “office mystery” focus of the second half, this one stood out for its more cohesive plot line and likable characters. Honestly, I couldn’t put this book down!

Overall, I’ve Got Your Number is a fun book with a great relationship and quick moving plot. Like I mentioned earlier, this is definitely my favorite Sophie Kinsella book and one of my favorite contemporaries of the year! I give I’ve Got Your Number five out of five stars.


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