Six of Crows Duology (Spoiler-Free) Review


I wish there were six more books with these characters because I love them so much!

The Six of Crows duology follows six dangerous outcasts recruited to complete one impossible heist. After a dangerous drug is created to enhance Grisha powers, criminal Kaz Brekker is offered millions of dollars if he successfully breaches the Ice Court and abducts the scientist responsible. To complete the mission, he selects a spy, a Grisha, a prisoner, a sharpshooting gambler, and a formerly wealthy boy on the run.

I heard so much hype around this duology that I was extremely interested to read it, but worried it wouldn’t live up to the hype. I’m glad that I finally picked up this series because it even exceeded my expectations! This is definitely a book that I see myself recommending to a lot of people in the future.

Going into this book, I hadn’t read Leigh Bardugo’s original series set in the same world. However, Leigh Bardugo presents enough background information that readers in the same boat as me will have no trouble understanding the universe. While there may be some minor spoilers from the first series, for example it mentions the outcome of the main character from the original series, I didn’t really pick up on any others.

Besides the world building, another strong component of this series are the multiple points of view. I’ve read some books that did a terrible job juggling two characters where the two points of view added nothing to the plot and voices weren’t distinguishable. However, Leigh Bardugo definitely uses this strategy in her favor. With so many characters with varying levels of knowledge of Kaz’s plan, readers are constantly surprised by the twists and turns that the plot takes. Additionally, every characters possesses their own unique voice which makes it easy to know whose telling the story at all times.

My favorite aspect of this series, however, would have to be the characters. Bardugo provies ample background on each character, so readers really understand their actions and motivations. Every characters possesses different opinions and attitudes which greatly affect the plot and their relationships with each other. Additionally, each character experiences growth throughout the series. You can’t help but love every single main character within these two books!

Overall, Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom are two of my favorite books of the year. Both of these books are equally strong halves of the story. With non-stop action and humor, this book kept me hooked from the first page. I literally sat down and didn’t put these books down from hours. I give both Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom five out of five stars.



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