Warcross Review

book review

Warcross by Marie Lu follows teenage bounty hounter/hacker Emika Chen after she hacks into a popular gaming competition and glitches the game to reveal her identity. Expecting harsh repercussions, Emika is surprised when the game’s creator invites her to join the competition in order to take down other hackers in the game.

I was unsure of what to expect before starting Warcross. I tried reading one of Marie Lu’s other series, The Young Elites, but didn’t make it past the fifty page mark. Warcross, however, seemed more like a plot that I would enjoy, and finally decided to check the book out of my local library after seeing numerous positive reviews. I’m happy to write that I really enjoyed Warcross and can see myself reading the next book in the series.

For me, the best part of this book was the writing style. After reading a string of disappointing reads filled with unnecessarily long descriptions and awkward phrasing, Warcross was a breath of fresh air. The world and action scenes in the book are described in an easy-to-read way. This made the book a quick and enjoyable read.

The character were either hit-or-miss for me. Emika was interesting, but similar to many other young adult heroines on the market. Her love interest, Takeo, was probably my favorite character in the book. I liked the direction his character was going in at the end of this book and the how Marie Lu added many layers to his character. The other side characters weren’t extremely memorable, but didn’t hamper my reading experience in any way.

While I think some readers may find this book overhyped because it isn’t the most memorable book on the market, it was still overall a fun and enjoyable book to read. For a series starter, this book left off in an interesting way that makes me want to continue the series. I give Warcross four out of five stars.


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