This Lullaby Review

book review

If this book was a song, I would play it on repeat.

This Lullaby follows Remy Starr, the daughter of a famous romance author as she plans for her mother’s latest wedding. When talking over some of the wedding plans with her soon-to-be stepfather at his car dealership, Remy runs into Dexter, a boy in a band settling in her town for the summer. Remy, however, always sticks to her rules and one big rule is no musicians.

This Lullaby is one of Sarah Dessen’s books that I didn’t enjoy when I read it the first time. I think at the age when I read it, I was a little too younger to understand and appreciate the themes within this book. However, now that I’m older and after rereading the book several times, it ranks in my top three Sarah Dessen books.

Remy is very different than the typical Sarah Dessen main character. Usually, Sarah Dessen’s main characters are wallflowers who go through a summer transformation and discover themselves. While Remy does transform over one summer, she is more take charge and bold than other main characters in Sarah Dessen’s books. Since Sarah Dessen’s books are typically character-driven, it’s nice to have a different perspective in her book. Additionally, this allows for different events and choices from the main character (for example, The Truth About Forever and Saint Anything have very similar plots/characters to me).

Additionally, I think Sarah Dessen created a great love interest with Dexter. Like with Remy, Dexter is very different than some other love interests featured in Sarah Dessen’s books. In most of her books, I feel like the love interest often has more of an edge with some sort of secret in his past. The only other love interest with the same goofy and light-hearted personality for me was Ambrose in her most recent book, Once and For All. I really enjoyed the contrast between Dexter’s bright and happy personality and Remy’s closed off and thorny personality within this book.

While I do enjoy the characters in this book, my favorite aspect of This Lullaby would have to be its relatability. Remy’s been burned quite a few times in her life throughout different relationships (not just romantic relationships). Outside her own life, she’s seen many more relationships fail. As a result, she becomes very cynical. However, after watching several relationships in this book, she develops a better perspective about how relationships grow and change.

The best way that I can describe This Lullaby is classic Sarah Dessen. Like Sarah Dessen’s other stand out works, this book combines well-developed characters and a relatable themes to create a book that sticks with you long after you read it. I give This Lullaby five out of five stars.


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