Love, Life, and the List Review

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It would take forever to list what I love about this book.

Love, Life, and the List by Kasie West follows aspiring artist Abby Turner after her paintings are declined from a local art show for lacking heart. To improve her painting, Abby develops a list to experience more in life with her best friend and long-time crush, Cooper.

After reading all of Kasie West’s contemporaries, I find that I either absolutely love her books or only find them okay. Either way, they are still extremely fun to read for their fluffy content. I’m happy to say that Love, Life, and the List falls into my “love” category of Kasie West’s books and my be my new favorite out of her books.

One problem I tend to have with Kasie West’s books is the pacing. Sometimes, the book will have a slow start, and once it finally picks up, everything will be wrapped up quickly at the end. While some aspects of this book were rushed at the end, overall, I found the pacing much more even in Love, Life, and the List. This book flowed a lot easier than some of her other books, which kept me turning the pages until it was done.

Another aspect of this book that I really enjoyed with the characters. While I never have any major issues with characters in Kasie West’s book, they can sometimes be forgettable. However, Abby and Cooper really stuck out to me among other couples in Kasie West’s books. I think since I’ve seen similar situations to Abby and Cooper’s relationship play out in real life, I had a greater connection with their story. Plus, they were both extremely relatable and likable characters.

However, I think my favorite aspects of this book was Abby’s character growth. In the beginning of the book, Abby will literally do anything to make Cooper happy and to keep his attention, but he never puts in the same effort. I liked how Abby learned to stand her ground and find friends and other things she loves outside of Cooper’s orbit. I think this is a great message for Kasie West’s target audience.

Overall, Love, Life, and the List has been one of my favorite reads so far of the year. It makes me even more excited for Kasie West’s book released later this year and the rest of the books in this companion series. I give Love, Life, and the List five out of five stars.


6 thoughts on “Love, Life, and the List Review

  1. Oh good to hear this falls in the love category! I only read one (PS I like you) and I loved that one as well. I do enjoy a novel where there’s a character development and they learned something in the end. This one’s definitely on my wishlist. Great review!

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  2. I totally get what you mean! I feel the same way about her books, there is little in between for me. I’ve read several of her contemporaries but my favorite book of hers is Pivot Point, a paranormal sci-fi novel. Anyway, I’m really glad you liked this one! It’s definitely on my TBR!

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  3. […] Love, Life, and the List (Heart Eye Emoji): I was hooked with Love, Life, and the List from start to finish. I liked the amount of character growth the main character, as well as the side characters, go through throughout this novel. This is always one of the best friends-to-lovers stories that I read because the emotions are very realistic, especially when the romantic feelings aren’t reciprocated at different times during the novel. […]


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