Love on the Lifts Review

book review

This book just needed a little more to lift it up two more stars.

Love of the Lifts by Rachel Hawthorne follows high school senior Kate who travels with two of her friends to spend some of winter break at her aunt’s skiing resort. Kate’s trip is interrupted when her brothers and his two friends also show up the condo. However, Kate has a plan up her sleeve to finally get her brother’s college roommate to notice her. Too bad her brother’s other friend keeps getting in the way.

With Rachel Hawthorne’s books, I always expect a fun and lighthearted read. I can always finish her books within a few hours and with a smile on my face. Love on the Lifts is a book I reread many times in high school. After reading it again now, I can see why I initially loved this book, but I also see why it’s only a three star read for me.

To truly appreciate and understand the main character in this book Kate, I feel like you need to be a younger reader. In this book, Kate initially chooses guys she likes based on their appearance with no regard for the personality. Kate and her friends to create “plans,” like sitting next to him when they get pizza, to win him over. While I appreciate how Kate and her friends actually act like my friends did in high school, I think older readers may have a more difficult time relating to her and her actions.

As for the story, it’s cute, but nothing remarkable. I really enjoyed the winter setting in this book. Additionally, the guy Kate eventually chooses is a sweet and nice character. This book is perfect to read if you are stuck inside for a snow day or want a story you don’t have to think to hard about to follow.

Overall, Love on the Lift is an enjoyable story, even though it is a tad forgettable. I give this book three out of five stars.


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