Lady Renegades Review


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Lady Renegades, the conclusion to the Rebel Belle series by Rachel Hawkins, follows Harper after David flees town in order to protect her and her friends. However, when female Paladins are sent to attack Harper from David, she decides to set out to find him. With the help of her best friend and old enemy, Harper goes on a summer road trip that will ultimately destroy her or David.

When I read Rebel Belle, I absolutely loved it, but came out with mixed feelings after reading Miss Mayhem. Even though I heard people enjoyed Lady Renegades even less than those two books, I knew I wanted to finish this series. After reading Lady Renegades for myself, I didn’t dislike it as much as I thought I would, but I also wasn’t a huge fan of how this series ended.

One aspect that I really enjoyed about this book was the length. I felt like Miss Mayhem, the second book in the series, dragged on and on with unnecessary scenes. I actually found myself flying through this book and I almost finished it in one sitting. That being said, I did feel like this book was slightly repetitive in terms of plot just to reach the same end that the characters attempted to avoid throughout the whole novel. Since there aren’t many twists and turns in this book, it still fell a little flat.

I actually didn’t have any major issues with this book until the end. My least favorite plot device in books is when it makes like some part of the book never actually happened. This could be like the beginning of The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski or the end of We Were Liars. Unfortunately, Lady Renegades did utilize this plot device which definitely dragged down the series as a whole for me.

Overall, Lady Renegades wasn’t a terrible book, but it definitely wasn’t the conclusion that I wanted for this series. While I understand the plot kind of puts the main character into a corner of what she can do, I really disliked how it affected the ending of this book. I give Lady Renegades three out of five stars.


What is your least favorite conclusion to a series?


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