Love & Luck Review

book review

I feel so lucky to find another book that I love!

In Love & Luck, Addie escapes to Ireland for her aunt’s over-the-top destination wedding and to visit her best friend in Italy while trying to forget about a relationship gone wrong. Her plans change, however, when her brother Ian and his online friend decide to travel the country side and visit landmarks from their favorite band before the band’s final performance.

I really enjoyed Love & Gelato, specifically how author Jenna Evans Welch made you feel like you were actually in Italy. Nevertheless, I went into Love & Luck with high expectations… and I was not disappointed. In the end, I actually loved Love & Luck even more than Love & Gelato, even though there were a few aspects of the book that frustrated me.

Like with Love & Gelato, the author painted a picture in your head of every landmark Addie, her brother, and his friend visited. It made me want to plan a trip to Ireland! Not only did she incorporate vivid scenery, but also lore and legends from Ireland history. The road trip in this book definitely helped showcase the scenery.

I also loved the overall message of this book. In Addie’s past relationship, her trust was really broken and her future is potentially at risk. I think there will be a lot of girls that are Addie’s age that will relate to her story. This book really focuses on Addie coming to terms to what happened to her and being confident in who she is as a person.

That being said, I really wasn’t a fan of how her brother handled what happened to Addy. I appreciated that he wanted to support Addie and find justice for her, but I think he pushed Addie a little too hard and came off across as too judgmental. Addie was still trying to process what happened to her and I think he added too much unnecessary stress, pressure, and “I told you so”s for my taste.

Overall, Love & Luck will take you on a scenic, but also emotional journey with a good message for young readers. I give Love & Luck five out of five stars.


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