Daughter of the Pirate King Review

book review

Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller follows ruthless pirate Alosa as she boards an enemy ship to locate a piece of a missing map. On board, Alosa meets a charming first mate who throws a wrench into her plans. However, Alosa will do anything to please her father and become one of the fiercest pirates in the land.

When I first went into this book, I expected a gritty adventure story about the female pirate. I wouldn’t say Daughter of a Pirate King delivers that story, however, I still enjoyed the fun nature of this book. If you’re looking for a fun romance book that also includes pirates, then this book is for you. If you are expecting more of an adventure story, then you are most likely to be disappointed.

One of my favorite aspects of reading this book was how fun it was! This is the perfect book to bring with you on vacation to the beach. I finished this book in one sitting and couldn’t stop myself from turning the pages. While some of the twists are expected, there were also some that I didn’t see coming which kept me interested in the story line.

Overall, The Daughter of the Pirate King was a fun, although not the most memorable, story. I give it three out of four stars.


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