My Unscripted Life Review

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My Unscripted Life by Lauren Morrill follows high school student Dee Wilkie after she is rejected by a prestigious summer art program. When a movie production rolls into town, Dee seizes the opportunity for a cool summer job. Dee gets a lot more than she bargained for when she develops a crush on the leading male star, Milo.

When I went into My Unscripted Life, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. From the description, it seemed like there was a lot going on which could send the story into several directions. Luckily, the story followed a coherent story line. However, there were still some aspects that failed to meet my expectations.

The best way to describe My Unscripted Life is a typical YA contemporary. A typical girl-next-door is offered an amazing opportunity where she meets the hottest boy in town. Despite an initial rocky and rude interaction, she eventually learns that there is more than meets the eye and they quickly develop a romantic relationship. From this description, you can see their isn’t anything particularly unique about the plot in this book even though the story line follows a logical sequence.

Like the plot, the characters aren’t particularly memorable, but still decent and likeable. Similar to many other main characters in YA contemporaries, Dee is sweet, more introverted, and boy crazy for the love interest despite her numerous attempts to prove otherwise. Milo is known in Hollywood for his bad boy ways, but he really has a heart of gold. The one character I did appreciate, however, was Milo’s ex-girlfriend who “unexpectedly” shows up in the book. Typically, this character is often a Regina George carbon copy, but I appreciated how they author gave this usually stereotypical character a little more depth.

Overall, My Unscripted Life is an easy read that you can finish in a few hours. However, it won’t be the most memorable story that you’ll ever read. I give this book three out of five stars.


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