Wires and Nerve: Gone Rogue Review


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Wires and Nerve: Gone Rogue is the second installment of the graphic novel series that takes place after the events of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. In this conclusion to the graphic novel series, Iko continues to fight a rogue soldiers set out to destroy Cinder. She also considers to struggle with her humanity and feelings towards Kinney.

After reading Wires and Nerve, I was slightly disappointed in the story, but still enjoyed seeing my favorites again. Particularly, I had problems with the pacing in the story as well as certain characters not acting consistently with their personalities shown in the book series. Unfortunately, Gone Rogue was a huge let down and became my lowest rated book in the entire series.

Like with the first book in this graphic novel duology, I had major problems with the story line. It seemed like the same conversations and problems were re-hashed over and over again. Plus, I felt like this novel reused plots from the original story but not in as compelling of a way (for example, Wolf “going rogue” with the soldiers rallying against Cinder). I also didn’t like how some of the plot also appeared in the short story collection, Stars Above. Additionally, it seemed like all of the different story lines were finished in a hurry at the end, while still managing to leave some major plot points wide open. Overall, I felt unsatisfied upon finishing the book.

I also wasn’t sold one some of the characters in this book. While Iko was going through some major changes in this book, she didn’t seem anything like herself throughout this story. Additionally, I felt like Kinney (and his relationship with Iko) failed to make any major growth between the first and second book. Although I liked seeing some of my favorite characters from the previous books, they really didn’t have an impact on the plot or story and it seemed like some of the characters were just thrown in so we could see them again. However, I did appreciate seeing Jacin’s father throughout the graphic novels. I really enjoyed his character and learning more about him.

Overall, Gone Rogue fell flat for me in several ways. Even though The Lunar Chronicles is one of my favorite YA series, this book just didn’t meet my expectations. I give Gone Rogue two out of five stars.


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