My New Crush Gave to Me Book Review


On the first day of Blogmas, my true love gave to me… a review of a cute Christmas read!

My New Crush Gave to Me by Shani Petroff follows Charlotte “Charlie” Donovan, a type-A student on the mission to find a date to a classmate’s after Christmas party. Charlie sets her sights on Teo Ortiz, a star quarterback and a star student. As a result, Charlie formulates the perfect plan: host a secret Santa gift exchange, pick Teo’s name, and wow him with spectacular gifts! However, Charlie struggles to find gifts for her crush and seeks help from Teo’s laid back and constantly late cousin, J.D.

I absolutely love finding new Christmas books to read in December. Lucky for me, this book popped up as a Kindle Monthly Deal back in November. The premise of this book sounded like a cute holiday movie… and it delivered! While this book isn’t the most new, inventive, or memorable, it is the perfect fun and easy book to read around Christmas.

As for the characters in this book, they are fairly standard for a young adult read. Charlie is an overachiever, whose very Type-A personality slightly annoyed me from time to time. Charlie is presented as a very intelligent and bold person, however many of her actions do not come across that way. However, many of her actions are very real and relatable for a high school girl. Therefore, younger readers may find more in common with her character than I would.

As for the love interest and romance in this book, they are once again very typical young adult. Teo Ortiz seems pretty much perfect, but his treatment of Charlie isn’t very great. That being said, I appreciated how the author had several characters call out his behavior immediately after it occurred. J.D. is a sweet love interest that the author gives many layers to as the novel unfolds. The best way to describe his character is that I could see Noah Centineo playing him in the film adaptation.

Moving onto the plot, it was overall a quick and easy read. There were cute scenes between Charlie and her love interest and the ending to the story put a smile on my face. That being said, there were was one part of the plot that I wish had more resolution. Charlie is very bossy towards her best friend who does literally anything she asks, which is pointed out to Charlie throughout the novel. I wish Charlie would have recognized this and made an effort to stop controlling her friend, but unfortunately this never happened.

Overall, this is a cute Christmas read that I could see being made into a Netflix movie. While somewhat cheesy and very predictable, this was a fun Christmas read that I finished in one sitting. I give My New Crush Gave to Me three out of five stars.


What are your favorite Christmas reads?


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