Secret of a Heart Note Review


Want to know a secret? I really enjoyed this book!

Secret of a Heart Note by Stacey Lee follows teenage aromateur Mimosa who is allowed to attend public school for the first time. When Mimosa messes up an assignment, she recruits the help of a boy at school to solve the problem. Soon, Mimosa develops a crush on her friend. There’s only one big problem: if she falls in love, she loses her gift.

I discovered Secret of a Heart Note through Stacey Lee’s review on Youtube (see her review here). The plot sounded interesting and she gave the book a positive review, so I tucked it away into the TBR list inside my head. One day, this book appeared as a Kindle Deal, so I quickly purchased it. While not one of my all-time favorite YA contemporaries, I overall enjoyed this book and would recommend it to other readers.

I think the biggest selling point of this book is the whole aromateur plot. This part of the story offers a unique angle that sets it apart from other young adult contemporaries on the market. I also think the author explained Mimosa’s gift well without dumping information on the reader which was a major plus for me. I also liked how Mimosa’s understanding of her gift and learning the truth behind it unfolded throughout the novel.

Another aspect of this book that I think many readers may enjoy is the relationships between Mimosa, her mother, and her aunt in this book. All of these women have strong opinions on what they want to do in their life and are persistent in their pursuit of them. While Mimosa’s mother is definitely the least likable of the bunch for me personally due to her isolating Mimosa and her attitude towards her sister, I appreciated watching the relationship between these three women grow and change throughout the course of the novel.

On the flip side, there were some generic aspects of this novel. Mimosa’s actual love interest in this book isn’t anything new or different for young adult novels. While it was cute, it wasn’t particularly memorable. Likewise, you probably won’t have strong feelings towards any of the characters in this book that will stick with you after reading. That being said, this was still a fun book that I breezed through reading.

Overall, Secret of a Heart Note is a fun read with a spin on the classic young adult contemporary. That being said, it’s probably not one that will rank in your all-time favorites. I give this book three out of five stars.



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