Bookish Goals for 2019


I’m not a big New Year’s Resolutions person. I may note a few goals in my head, but I don’t put pressure on myself to finish them. However, I do have a few bookish goals that I would like to accomplish in the new year.

  • Read 50 books.

Last year, I set the goal to read 50 books. I was able to accomplish this and read slightly more than I anticipated. This is the only goal that I technically keep track of since I rate books that I read on Goodreads.

  • Read multiple books in a genre that I don’t typically read.

Every year, I seem to pick up a genre, format, or new age range of books that I don’t typically read. Two years ago, I picked up a lot of graphic novels. This year, I read some new adult and adult books. This upcoming year, I can see myself picking up some mystery or thriller books since there are a few on my TBR. I’m always excited to expand my reading horizons and I can’t wait to see where this takes me in 2019.

  • Write the first draft of a book.

In 2018, I attempted Camp NanoWriMo and NanoWriMo… and I lost. Badly. However, I still want to finish the draft of the book I started during these two periods. I’m almost halfway there, so hopefully I can finish my draft more towards the beginning half of 2019.


What are your bookish goals for 2019?



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