Goodreads Year in Review 2018


yib 2018 6

One of my favorite end of the year wrap-ups is looking over My Year in books provided by Goodreads. All images are taken from Goodreads. It’s nice to have a summary of my reading from the year and too easily see some facts about my reading without doing the math myself. Here’s My Year in Books according to Goodreads (all images are from

yib 2018 1

This year I read quite a few books less than 2017. In 2017, I read 107 books. This year, I finished at 69. Honestly, I was worried that I wouldn’t beat my 2018 reading goal (50 books) at the beginning of this year, especially after I didn’t read as many books as I usually do during the summer when I have most of my free time. Overall, I’m happy with the number of books that I read. Also, it’s crazy to see how many pages I read in total!

yib 2018 2

Looking at this, I’m slightly surprised by my shortest book. I would think Ferdinand would be my shortest book, however, it must be listed as more pages on Goodreads than Buddy: The First Seeing Eye Dog. This book brings back great memories because Buddy was a book that I read with several of my students for a book report project. Looking at the book with the highest number of pages, I’m also surprised. I read Crazy Rich Asians on my Kindle, so I never realized how big it would be in physical book form.

yib 2018 3

This is one of my favorite stats to look at! I knew that it seemed like everyone but me read Eleanor and Park already, but this confirms my suspicions. As the most read book on my list according to Goodreads, a lot of people picked up this book before me. I’m not surprised to see Buddy as the least rated book from my list. I’ve found that if I rate books from the younger end of the children’s category, there aren’t as many people actively going in and rating them.

yib 2018 4

Looking at this number, I’m happy because I consider three stars an average read for me. Since this is slightly higher, I think I can say that I generally enjoyed most of the books that I read. I didn’t have as many books to choose from for my least favorite books of the year, which hasn’t always happened in past years.

yib 2018 5

I’m not too surprised about this either. Ferdinand is extremely popular, especially since it recently became a movie. It is a well-loved children’s story and since not many people rate children’s stories on Goodreads anyway, I can only see people who really loved it going and rating it.


What are some interesting facts from your reading year?


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