Blogmas Day #9: How I Decorated My Bookshelf for Christmas


On the eighth day of Blogmas, a book blogger gave to me… a Christmas shelf tour!

Recently, I purchased by first bookshelf. I was excited to decorate my shelf, especially since it is Christmas time. My bookshelf is the Gersby bookshelf from Ikea. Here’s how I decorated it!


On the shelf where I keep some lighter or pastel colored books, I added two New Year’s Eve Tsum Tsums in the top left hand corner, sitting on The One by Kiera Cass. I also have a Funko Pop of Christmas Mariah Carey. The Tsum Tsum on the right is actually a Bluetooth speaker and it will continue to live on my shelf even after Christmas is finished.


On my yellow/orange/red shelf, I have another Funko Pop and some more Tsum Tsums. I have stacked my Christmas Mickey and Friends Tsum Tsums in a pyramid. Santa Mickey sits on top, followed by Mrs. Claus Minnie Mouse, Christmas tree Goofy, Snowman Daisy, Present Pluto, and Snowman Donald Duck. To the right, I have a Grinch Funko Pop which I received as a Christmas present last year from my sister.


On my green/purple/blue shelf, I have more Funko Pops and a light-up Christmas tree. From left to right, I have Papa Elf, Buddy, and Jovie from one of my favorite Christmas movies, Elf.


On my silver/brown/black shelf, I have more Tsum Tsums. This stack is Frozen-themed and includes Olaf, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Hans.


On my final shelf, I have one Tsum Tsum and two Funko Pops. The Tsum Tsum is a sights and sound version, so I keep it on my shelf so it doesn’t fall or bump into anything to making it light up or make noise. This will stay on my shelf all year round. Finally, I have Funko Pops of Anna and Kristoff from Frozen, which I found extremely discounted at a Hallmark store several years ago.


How do you decorate your book shelves?


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