Tweet Cute by Emma Lord Review

Sometimes you just need a cheese-y romance.

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord is the author’s debut contemporary romance novel about two high school students who fall in love after a viral Twitter war. Pepper is an overachiever who tweets memes for Big League Burger, her mom’s fast food chain restaurant. Meanwhile, Jack tweets for Girl Cheesing, his grandma’s bakery. When Big Tweet CuteLeague Burger steals the recipe for Girl Cheesing’s popular grilled cheese, an online battle ensues.

I never typically pay full price for books. I either wait for a Kindle deal or check out my local library for new releases, especially from authors that I don’t know. However, I heard a lot of hype for Tweet Cute and it sounded right up my alley, so I decided to purchase it soon after the release date. While I did enjoy Tweet Cute, there were a few aspects of the book that prevented me from rating it five stars.

My favorite aspect of this book was that it featured one of my favorite tropes: enemies to lovers. The banter between Pepper and Jack kept me turning the pages. I love how their relationship grew realistically throughout the book. Plus, it was nice to see both of their points of views as both were well developed characters individually. In dual perspectives, it is hard to make both perspectives interesting, but in this book, I enjoyed experiencing the story from both Pepper and Jack’s point of views.

One aspect of this book that wasn’t my favorite was the pacing. When I thought the book was reaching the breaking point, I was only at the 60% mark on my Kindle. At that point, I feared the book would drag on, and for me, it slightly did. The beginning of the book was fast paced with a constant back and forth between Pepper and Jack. In the ending, there were many rehashed conversations and some unnecessary drama that could have easily been cut without affecting the story. Towards the end, I found myself waiting for the actual end of the story because I felt like I reached the story’s “darkest moment” so many times before it actually happened.

Overall, Tweet Cute is a fun and enjoyable story that I think a lot of readers with enjoy, even if they aren’t a huge fan of contemporary books. That being said, the pacing at the end was a little off which negatively affected my reading experience. I give this book four out of five stars.


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