P.S. I Still Love You Inspired Haul (Francesca’s, Sephora, and Funko Pop)


About a week before P.S. I Still Love You premiered on Netflix, I was online shopping and came across some To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before/P.S. I Still Love You merchandise and inspired merchandise. I love contemporary romance books and I feel like the popularity of these Netflix series has brought back a lot of the romantic comedies that disappeared as dystopian and fantasy books consumed the market after the success of The Hunger Games.

I read through this series while I was in college, however, I wished that I read it while I was in high school because I greatly relate to the main character, Lara Jean. Her style is right up my alley and I wish that I had her guidance on girly fashion and hair accessories when I was in high school. Lara Jean’s interests, hobbies, and fashion, as well as the concept of the book itself, are very inspiration for a lot of merchandise. Since many of my interests, hobbies, and fashion align with Lara Jean’s, I was obviously extremely interested in all the merchandise that was released recently. There are several makeup products in this haul, so I will make sure to do a follow-up post where I detail how the products work and if they are worth the money since Sephora products fall on the pricey side. Here’s what I bought.

This first item that I bought is the only object that wasn’t part of a merchandise line for the actual movie. However, it is reminiscent of an outfit Lara Jean wears in the first movie and prompted me to seek out merchandise created for the movie. This pink varsity jacket from Francesca’s reminds me of the jacket that Lara Jean wears when she sets forth rules for her fake relationship with Peter. While the jacket I purchased and the jacket Lara Jean wears are different textures, they have the same light pink color.

After I purchased the varsity jacket, I remembered that Sephora released several products in collaboration with several brands for the P.S. I Still Love You movie. While most of these products are not unique to brand, they include packaging inspired by the movie or reflect items that Lara Jean owns in the movie. Since I received a Sephora gift card for Christmas that I hadn’t spent yet, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to pick up some items that I usually don’t buy from Sephora.

One of the items that interested me the most from this collection was the hat box with various hair accessories. This hat box looks similar to the hat box that contained all of Lara Jean’s letters in the movie and features items that look like accessories Lara Jean wore in the movie. The set includes floral bow scrunchie, a satin bow clip, star ball rhinestone bobby pins.

These accessories are from the brand Kitsch and the box retails for $25. While I believe this is a steep price for only a few hair accessories, the box could be a collector’s item for people who really love the series. I can see myself keeping the packaging and using it to store many of my hair accessories.

In addition to these hair accessories, I also purchased the two scrunchie sets that Kitsch also released. Each set contains a sequin scrunchies and a furry scrunchie. The first set contains a rose gold sequin scrunchie and a pink furry scrunchie while the other contains a blue sequin scrunchie and a blue furry scrunchie. Each set retails for $12. If you went to Target, you could probably pick up two scrunchies for $6, but since this is Sephora, I’m not surprised that this is around double that price.

At first, I only planned to pick up the rose gold set. This set seemed more Lara Jean to me, but then I remembered one of Adler High’s colors are blue, so the other color choice eventually made sense to me. Eventually, I decided to choose both sets because I enjoy wearing scrunchies around my house on the weekends, so I know I will get use out of both sets. Plus, I frequently wear sequin scrunchies around the holidays.

Next, I purchased a makeup set from Kaja that retails for $35. All of the products in this set already exist in the Kaja line, so it you only want to purchase one or two items in this set, it would be possible. This set, however, does have packaging for the movie if that interests to you. although not my favorite packaging of all the sets that Sephora offered for this collaboration.

In this set, there is a lip gloss stick, a Cheeky stamp bendable blush, and an eye pigment in Moon Crystal. According to Google, Kaja is the first K-Beauty brand co-developed with Sephora. Since Lara Jean is half-Korean, I really appreciated that this brand was selected for the collaboration. Lara Jean’s makeup in the movies is more minimal which is more reflective of Korean beauty trends rather than western beauty trends and the colors in this set look like colors that Lara Jean would pick, so this was definitely one of my most anticipated purchases.

Another makeup set that I purchased from Sephora was the Milk Makeup set priced at $26. This set included my favorite packaging as well as two glow lip + cheek oils. I have on the fence about this set, but these looked like products that I would enjoy, so I added them to my cart.

I haven’t tried Milk Makeup, but it has become increasingly popular as trends in the beauty industry are moving to more dewy and minimal. While this isn’t a K-Beauty brand, this brand focuses on more sheer and and minimal makeup like Kaja. As a result, I do think it’s a brand that Lara Jean might wear.

The last item that I picked up from Sephora was a straightening brush my Amika for $35. This set also includes a mini dry shampoo. Just as a warning, the dry shampoo makes the whole order be considered Hazmat for mailing, so it will be a ground delivery for all items in your order.

In the product description, it does suggest using this product for touch-ups or bangs, so if you want a straightener then this product may not be what you want. While this product is geared towards all hair types, I think people with hair that leans on the thin, slightly wavy side will probably have the most success with this product. Keep in mind, this is also a mini-product, so it may be used better with shorter hair or bangs.

My hair is very thick and wavy, so I typically don’t straighten it because it takes forever and never stays straight. However, from the reviews, I saw that some people said this helped eliminate some frizziness from their hair, which is something that I need in my life.

My biggest draw to this product was the writing on the hairbrush. It was references to the series. It is also pink, which is my favorite color.

When I was on the hunt for merchandise inspired by this series, Google recommended me Lara Jean and Peter Funko Pops which are inspired from the first movie. While Google initially took me to Hot Topic for these Funkos, I actually ended up purchasing them from Barnes and Noble because I could spend less money for free shipping, so I ended up buying the Funkos and pre-ordering a book from my TBR. However, on Hot Topic’s website, I also found some other merchandise for the series, including shirts. While I am a little too old to wear an Adler High shirt with Kavinsky on the back, this could be cute for younger fans of the series.

Although I promised not to buy any more Funkos because I have no more room where I store them, I couldn’t resist how cute these Funkos would look on my Pastel book shelf. I’ve always wanted to replace my current Funkos on my shelf with my couple Funkos (I have Anna and Kristoff from Frozen and Danny and Sandy from Grease already), so these made the perfect additions to my collection.

Typically, I’m not a bookish merchandise person. In the past, there was only one other time where I found myself with an abundance of book merchandise: when the Hunger Games released during my junior year of high school almost seven years ago. For me, I appreciate the practicality of this merchandise because I can support a series that I love with products that I can use every day.

What bookish merchandise have you purchased recently?

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