ARC REVIEW// Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett

I was so lucky to receive an ARC of this book!

Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett follows Josephine “Josie” St. Martin when she settles back into her hometown after five years of moving around

the New England area with her mother. Back in town, Josie runs into her former best friend, Lucky Karras, who wants nothing to do with her. However, a bad decision brings the two together again.

Chasing Lucky

I have received ARCs for now three out of four books recently released by Jenn Bennett. While I was unsure of my thoughts on Jenn Bennett’s books after I read Alex, Approximately, each time I read a new book by this author, I love her writing even more. Out of the three books that I have read by Jenn Bennett, Chasing Lucky is hands down my favorite.

One of the highlights of books by Jenn Bennett is her writing style. The descriptions of Beauty, Josie’s hometown, were so descriptive that I felt like I was there. Her characters have distinct personalities that are shown through their actions rather than told the reader. Every time I read a new Jenn Bennett books, these characteristics of her writing seem to constantly improve, so I am consistently impressed by her new works rather than reminiscing about her old ones.

I also greatly enjoyed the relationships and relationship dynamics present in this book. The characters, their pasts, and their personalities truly carry the story. While there is miscommunication between the characters, it isn’t thrown in haphazardly to generate some drama, but all makes sense within the context of the characters in the story. While I guessed some “mysterious” or “secret” details of characters and their relationships in the book, this didn’t seriously impact my reading experience because I overall enjoyed each character and their role in this story.

I think Chasing Lucky is a sold contemporary. It reflects real life with its characters, relationships, and setting, but also provides an interesting story that will hook readers from beginning to end. Jenn Bennett has slowly become an auto-buy contemporary author from me and I look forward to her next release. I give Chasing Lucky five out of five stars.

I received a copy of Chasing Lucky via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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4 thoughts on “ARC REVIEW// Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett

  1. Great review! I had a harder time than you did with this book, but I think it might have been my mood. I had a really hard time getting into everything they were doing. I liked the romance a lot, though!


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