Top Ten Tuesday: What I Would Have at my Bookish Party

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s theme is things that I would have at my bookish party. I think you could take this prompt many ways: a party with your bookish friends? A party to celebrate your favorite book? For me, I took it as what things from books would I use if I was throwing a party. Here are my choices:

  • Mad Hatter’s Table from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, #1)

Alice in Wonderland parties always look cool and Mad Hatter’s table would be a great addition to any party. Not only does it seat many people, but it is also an aesthetic. Mismatched chairs? Check. Everyone gets their own teapot? Check. We’re good.

  • Pizza from Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen
Saint Anything

I love pizza so obviously it needs to make an appearance at my bookish party. I would love pizza from the family-owned restaurant in Saint Anything because the descriptions in that book literally made my mouth water. Plus, everyone knows family-owned pizza shops are the best.

  • Nico’s from Four Days of You and Me by Miranda Kenneally
Four Days of You and Me

I’m also a huge fan of Italian food and family-owned restaurants as I previously mentioned. Plus, I could meet Alex’s adorable grandparents if they catered my party which would be a plus.

  • Big League Burgers from Tweet Cute by Emma Lord
Tweet Cute

Although I love family-owned restaurants, I still have a soft spot for fast food. Big League Burgers could bring some well-loved favorite to my party as well as some amazing milkshakes.

  • Girl Cheesing from Tweet Cute by Emma Lord
Tweet Cute

If Big League Burgers would be in attendance at my party, you know Girl Cheesing would have to be there too. Could a food fight between these two rivals spontaneously break out any minute? Maybe. But just like the Twitter accounts of these two businesses, I I could count on my party going viral.

  • Guests from 10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston
10 Blind Dates

A party isn’t a party unless you have people there. I would totally invite Sophie’s family from 10 Blind Dates. Not only are there so many of them, but they are also so much fun… just don’t set me up for any blind dates to this party.

  • Floral Arrangements and Outfits from Maybe This Time by Kasie West
Maybe This Time

Sophie has style and I need decorations and an outfit for my party. She definitely does well with inspiration from flowers, so I know that I could have a very colorful dress.

  • Performances from Always Never Yours by Emily Wibberely and Austin Siegemund-Brocka
Always Never Yours

What’s a party without some entertainment? The drama department from Always Never Yours knows how to put on a show. Maybe, I could even finally see the finished product of Owen’s play that he was working on in this story.

  • Music from On the Come Up by Angie Thomas
On the Come Up

If you’re having a party, you need music for people to dance. Bri from On the Come Up could provide some cool music that would get everybody out on the dance floor.

What would you have at a bookish party?

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6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: What I Would Have at my Bookish Party

  1. YES to the Saint Anything pizza! I had the same reaction. Going to a local pizzeria was actually on my 2020 spring/summer bucket list, before the world went “Psych.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Same! My sister and I made a goal to eat in every restaurant in our town by the end of summer and now that’s definitely not going to happen


    • I definitely recommend 10 Blind Dates, especially around December. It is also in production to be a Netflix movie (I believe) if you like book-to-movie adaptations!


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