Bookshelf Tour: May 2020

The last time I updated my bookshelf was all the way back in February for Valentine’s Day (see my Valentine’s Day themed bookshelf here), so it was time to make some changes. As we approach warmer months where I lived, I wanted to give my bookshelf a spring feel. Here’s how I decorated:

On my pastel book shelf, I decided to keep Lara Jean and Peter from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before near the white/pink books. I think Lara Jean’s outfit still fits with the spring, however, I will probably switch these Funko Pops out once summer hits. On the right, I added three new Tsum Tsums. All of these Tsum Tsums are characters from A Bug’s Life. There are so many bugs starting to make an appearance where I live, I thought it would be fun to add some cute critters to my bookshelf.

For my yellow, orange, and red shelf, I decided to go with a Sleeping Beauty theme. When I think of Sleeping Beauty, I think of the fairies which reminds me of spring. Even though I do have some Aurora Tsum Tsums, I decided to only stick with the fairy plushes and to add a Funko to balance out the shelf better.

Next, I have my green, purple, and blue shelf. Like always, I have my little ceramic stereo on the left. Recently, I have started putting my bookmarks into this decoration so they are easy to find, rather than searching through books or using a scrap of paper. While it’s never really mattered to me how I mark my place in a book, I thought it would be a good way to get use out of bookmarks that I rarely use.

On the right, I have some of my Peter Pan Tsum Tsums. I put these on my bookshelf because I am a special education teacher and in one of the classes where I push-in the students are currently reading Peter Pan. Usually, the ELA teacher decorates the classroom to look like Neverland to celebrate the first novel that my students ever reading in their academic careers, but since we cannot be in the school building right now, I thought I would have my own little celebration on my bookshelf.

On my silver/brown/black shelf, I have my Tsum Tsum speaker which I always keep on my book shelf. On the right, I put my Sandy and Danny Funko Pops. Sandy is wearing her end-of-the-movie outfit which I thought would be perfect as we near the end of the school year. Danny and Sandy are also standing in front of my Grease DVD, which for some reason, I keep on my bookshelf.

On my final bookshelf, I have my Moana scene. On the top, I do have a Minnie Tsum Tsum that I always keep on my bookshelf because it makes noises and if I stored it with my other Tsum Tsums, I am afraid it would hit something, make noise, and freak me out.

On the left, I have my baby Moana Funko Pop that I got on sale at a temporary Christmas store in the mall a long time ago. On the right, I have some of my Moana Tsum Tsums, which includes, Pua, Hei Hei, and Maui.

How have you decorated your bookshelves recently?

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One thought on “Bookshelf Tour: May 2020

  1. I love how you have a theme for each shelf! Your shelves are so organized I actually feel guilty for calling that disaster in my room a bookshelf 😂 Also, if I were to pick a favorite I’d pick the last shelf since it basically has all my favorites (everything Marissa Meyer and SOC) XD


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