Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Reasons Why I Love The Hunger Games

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s theme is why I love _____. Since it is the release day for the latest release in The Hunger Games series, A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, I thought that I would list all of the reasons that I love the original series. Here are my reasons:

  • It was one of the first dystopian/fantasy books that I enjoyed.

Before The Hunger Games, I strictly read contemporary, aside from The Magic Tree House when I was in elementary school. I picked up The Hunger Games on a whim after I saw it on the shelves of a bookstore and thought it sounded interesting. I read the first book as soon as I got home… and then went and bought the next two books in the series the next day because I needed to know how the story ended. I have never read a series as quickly as I read The Hunger Games.

  • It is one of the first times that I really bought into the “fandom” of a series.

I was never a Twilight girl or a Mortal Instruments girl. I loved books, but I was never swept up into buying merchandise for books or being so excited for a book-to-movie adaptation that I waited outside the theater for hours. With The Hunger Games, that all changed. It was so cool to see so many people who liked the same thing as I did.

  • It was the only midnight premiere that I ever attended.

I never attended a midnight premiere for a movie until The Hunger Games. I remember waiting until tickets appeared online and buying them for the first showing at my movie theater. Then, I remember seeing how people were lining up hours before the movie started and rushing to the movie theater to make sure I got the best seat with my sister. It was the first time that I saw people actually dress up as book characters!

  • Finnick Odair… that’s it.

Finnich Odair was and will always be one of my biggest book crushes. I absolutely loved Finnick from the moment he was introduced on the page. I recently saw a tweet that talked about how smart Suzanne Collins was when she introduced him by highlighting how Katniss would never see him as a romantic interest which completely goes against the typical character arc for a character like Finnick in YA fiction.

  • It was the first young adult series that I loved.

Before The Hunger Games, I didn’t really read series since my younger years with Magic Tree House or The Babysitter’s club. Instead, I usually opted for stand-alone books. However, The Hunger Games introduced me to other dystopian series, like Divergent.

  • It gave me a character to dress up for Halloween… several times.

I have dressed up as Katniss so many times for Halloween that I can’t even count. I remember the first time that I dressed up as Katniss, before the movie even came out, when I made my own Mockingjay pin since there was so merch available yet.

  • The book-to-movie adaptations were well done.

I love the movie adaptations of The Hunger Games, especially the casting. Sometimes, the movie helped me enjoy or understand aspects of the books that I didn’t like, for example, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Mockingjay books and actually preferred the movies.

  • It has some of the best pacing that I’ve ever read.

The Hunger Games is the embodiment of the phrase “page-turner.” Everything that happens motivates readers to keep reading. Suzanne Collins plotted The Hunger Games in such a smart way that I could only hope to aspire to in my own writing.

  • It had some of my favorite bookish merch.

Like I mentioned earlier, The Hunger Games was the first “fandom” that I actually participated in. As a result, I ended up with A LOT of Hunger Games merchandise that I either bought or was given as a gift. I had my own mockingjay pin, a shirt, a blanket, a board game, and nail polish to represent my favorite districts. While I was never a person with my walls covered in posters, this was a lot for me.

  • It helps me write my own books.

The Hunger Games is often used a model for writing a book because it perfectly follows three-act structure. Looking at how the plot of The Hunger Games is constructed has helped me and many other aspiring writers to organize our projects!

Will you be reading the newest Hunger Games book?

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9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Reasons Why I Love The Hunger Games

  1. Great post! Hunger Games is a fantastic series. The movies were just as captivating. I agree, they did a great job. One of the few book to movie adaptations that just nail it. Personally I’m nervous about the prequel only because it’s been quite a long time since I read them. You make me want to reread all of them! Did you also do the Katniss braid when you dressed up for Halloween?


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