Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition (Part Two)

Last week, I detailed my first renovations to my blog in five years! This week, I will continue to document my progress in revamping my blog to make it look more modern. To see how I created my own digital art and restructured my home page, see part one.

Today, I will focus on the pages in the primary menu of my blog: About Me, Contact Me, Review Master List, and my Review Policy.

The About Me Page

My old About Me Page

My initial About Me page was… lacking, to put it nicely. There was basically just a sentence that welcomed people to my blog and listed my social media.

My new About Me page

I still think My About Me page could be a little more detailed, but it is greatly improved from its original state. Like with my homepage, I swapped my picture for a more recent image. Next, I wrote a short paragraph to introduce myself, as well as some fun bookish facts about me. Unlike on my original page, I listed my social media, but made it more compact by using the social media images block in the WordPress editor.

The Contact Me Page

My old Contact Me page

My original contact me page was very similar to my About Me page as it contained little information. It was also boring and bland. On this page, I only listed my social media as I had a form on my review policy page. This wasn’t great because if a publisher wanted to contact me by email, but they only looked at my Contact Me page, they wouldn’t have access to a form that contacted me by email.

My new Contact Me page

To revamp this page, I wanted to keep my social media links, but I changed it to the social media block to look a little more cleaner and compact. However, I also added a Google Form to this page because if people want to contact me through email to review a book, then they would most likely look at this page, not my review policy.

To spruce up this page, I added a graphic that I created on a mix of Procreate and Canva. I also added additional questions to my form to make responses easier to sort. Finally, I put my social media at the bottom, but in a more compact way than the original by using the social media block in the WordPress editor.

Review Policy

My old Review Policy

For my review policy, I wrote this before I started reading mass quantities of books. Most of what I wrote next to my star ratings were reflections of what I thought a good book should have, not what I personally enjoyed in books. As I have read a larger quantity of books five years into my blog, I know more of what my reading tastes are and I want my rating scale to more accurately reflect how I rate my books now.

My new Review Policy (part one)

As a result, I updated my explanations next to my star ratings. I also put a little blurb at the bottom to explain about half star ranking. When I first started my blog, I didn’t use half star rankings. However, I have started using them more frequently to better distinguish books because there is a big different to me between a 2 and a 2.5 or a 3 and a 3.5. Also, I indicated that when I rate these books on places like Goodreads, which do not allow star rankings, I always round up with my stars.

My new Review Policy (part two)

Additionally, I updated the form on my Review Policy page with more questions for inquiries to be more specific in the form at the bottom of the page. I also updated my social media links on the page to the social block from the WordPress editor so they weren’t as cluttered in text form. To make the information on the page read easier, I also added headings to each section of text on the page.

Review Master List

For my review master list, I didn’t change anything because I already like the set-up. I did try to change it into columns, but it only looked more cluttered and confusing. One thing that I will change, however, is how regularly I update it. I haven’t updated my Review Master List in AGES so that will be my next project to update my blog!

How have you updated your blog since you first started blogging?


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